Which Region of the United States Matches Your Personality?

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One of the things that makes the United States among the most popular destinations for tourism in the world is its diversity. On one continent, you can visit spectacles like the Grand Canyon, lush forests in the Pacific Northwest or glittering concrete towers in major metropolitan cities on the East Coast.

And just like these various parts of the nation are different from each other, each region has a distinct personality as well. 

If you've traveled to different parts of the U.S., you've observed the differences firsthand. People in the Northeast tend to be more hurried and brusquer, while Southerners have more patience and emphasize politeness and manners. West Coast states like California are associated with increased spirituality, open-mindedness and a connection to the outdoors. But if you asked a blue-collar worker in the Midwest to adopt the morning yoga routine of someone living in Southern California, they might look at you pretty strangely.

None of these attitudes or personalities are right or wrong, of course—just different. If you've ever wondered whether you belong among the skyscrapers of Broadway or the rolling plains of the heartland, we've got an answer for you! All you have to do is give us the details on your personality, and we'll match you up with the part of America you belong in!

It's time to get away from your daily grind and relax on vacation! Where are you off to?

You're minding your own business walking down the street and someone bumps into you. What's your reaction?

If you could eat anything, which of these savory meals would be your first choice?

People spend a majority of their lives earning a living. What's your attitude on work?

Your belief system has a big impact on your personality. Which of the below values is most important to you?

Your outfits are a big reflection of who you are. What kind of clothes do you like to wear?

Someone's drink order says a lot about their personality. What's your adult beverage of choice?

Whether you're single or happily taken, your romantic style is a reflection of you as a person. What's the most important characteristic in a spouse?

The weather can dictate our moods. How do you handle harsh snow and cold?

Each part of the country has its preferred athletic pastime. Which sport do you prefer?

Which of these fields are you most likely to study while attending college?

It's been a hard day of work. How are you unwinding from the stress?

What is your favorite kind of physical activity or exercise?

The things you find funny are a big part of your personality. What's your favorite style of humor?

What style of house would you most want to live in?

When it's time to choose your destination for dinner, how adventurous are you?

Which of these sayings do you use the most?

You're heading to the crowded area of your city, and a homeless person asks you for money. What's your response?

Different parts of the country grow different kinds of produce. Which is your favorite fruit or vegetable?

Music is a very regional art form. Which kind of tunes are your favorite?

Family terms are a huge indicator of where you're from. What did you call your parents growing up?

It's a long-running regional battle. What do you call a carbonated beverage?

You're about to sit down with a tasty plate of your favorite food. What seasoning are you adding to make it extra delicious?

Colloquialisms are another common way to identify a region. How do you greet a friend?

If you could visit any other country, which would you choose?

Which of these creative pursuits is most likely to interest you?

What is your opinion on public transit?

Vehicle choice is another huge factor in determining where you're from. Which of these cars is your favorite?

Everyone has their pet peeves. Which of these irks you the most?

What is your least favorite thing about the place you live?

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