Which Region of the US Is Your Temperament Most Like?

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There are many ways that the United States can be divided. This includes cities, states, and more. America is commonly divided into a few regions, each with its own characteristic geography, foods, cultures, and characteristics. 

For example, the New England region is known for its lighthouses, rocky beaches, seafood, frigid winters, and high concentration of wealthy Americans. The Pacific Coastal region, on the other hand, runs from Washington to California and is known for its down-to-earth outdoorsy way of life, a famous active volcano, and the place of several famous cities. It encompasses the glitz of the Los Angeles entertainment business and the off-beat modern counterculture hub of Portland, Oregon.     

Each region has its famous icons, myths, stereotypes, and characteristics that make it unique. Are you as busy and bustling as the cities of Chicago and New York City? Or are you as rugged as the landscapes of the American west? Do you crave a bowl of clam chowder on cold winter nights as you cozy up by the first, or do you prefer to sunbathe on the beach year round? If you want to know which region of the US is most like your temperament, give this quiz a spin!  

What do you do when someone crosses you?

What country do you want to visit most?

As a kid, which of these things did you want most when you grew up?

What dish sounds more delicious to you?

What sort of home appeals to your more?

Which of these hobbies appeals to you more?

Which season do you like best?

What do you want to do most on a night out?

Which traditionally respected job appeals to you most?

When do you like to wake up?

If you are happy, how do you show it?

If you are interested in someone, how often do you make the first move?

What's the farthest you have ever driven in one day to get somewhere?

Of these horror TV shows, which do you like best?

Where would you rather stop for coffee?

When it comes to tea, how do you like it?

What music do you listen to when you're mad?

Which Hollywood actor do you like best?

What is most important to you in a good meal?

How do you prefer to keep up with friends?

How do you most often wear your hair?

Do you wear a watch?

In your family you are:

What relaxes you most?

Which trend do you dislike most?

How easily do you fall in love?

What is your dream career?

Where do you prefer to live?

Where would you rather go for a day?

What kind of car do you like best?

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