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There are some fast food restaurants you'll find everywhere. KFC, McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's can be found in just about any town. While you can guarantee you'll get the same thing at each of the locations of those restaurants, it's more fun to try regional fast food favorites. Few things give you a taste of a new area than its unique foods.

While many fast food places serve burgers, many serve up regional specialties or Mexican food. In the Midwest, for example, there are a surprisingly large number of chains that specialize in burgers and frozen custard. Some of these chains have hundreds of locations. Others have as few as five. Big or small, you're going to want to add some of these to your bucket list for your next "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" inspired road trip.

When you're in the northeast, you may head to White Castle for their famous sliders. In the west, people travel for miles to find an In-N-Out Burger. Regardless of their location, these regional chains are beloved by the locals and may confuse out-of-towners. After all, who would have thought there would be a successful ice cream chain in Alaska?

What are you waiting for? Match the regional fast food favorites with their facts!

Which legendary California chain is known for "animal style?"

In 1948, Harry Snyder opened the first In-N-Out Burger in Baldwin Park as a hamburger stand. The stand was so small that In-N-Out puts its measurements at barely over 10 square feet.


Which fast food chain has a pompoured mascot?

Bob Wian sold his DeSoto Roadster to buy a hamburger stand. He named that stand Bob's Pantry. The first location opened in Glendale, California.


Which northeastern chain is known for its unique square sliders, which are available in a Crave Case?

In 1921, White Castle founder Billy Ingram started the company for 700 dollars. The first sliders sold for five cents each.


Which southwestern chain is known for its citrus-marinated, fire-grilled chicken?

El Pollo Loco's first location was in Los Angeles, California. Over time, the chain grew to over 400 stores. On July 25, 2014, El Pollo Loco started trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange.


Which midwestern and southeastern chain is known for its biscuits and Thickburgers?

Greenville, North Carolina lays claim to the first Hardee's restaurant. In 1960, Wilber Hardee opened the first restaurant and started selling his burgers.


Which southern California-based chain has the slogan "We don't make it 'til you order it?"

Jack in the Box has locations in 21 states and Guam. The company estimates it serves half a billion guests per year.


Where would you go if you were in the Midwest and were craving frozen custard and a Butterburger?

Craig, Lea, George, and Ruth Culver opened their first restaurant in 1984. Craig chose the combination of burgers and frozen custard.


Which northeast and southwest chain is known for its distinctive double drive through?

The first Checkers opened in 1986. Since then, Checkers and Rally's have grown to more than 870 restaurants.


Where would you go for Zalads and Zappitizers in Georgia?

Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley founded Zaxby's because they were unsatisfied with the chicken in Statesboro, Georgia. Zaxby's can now be found in 18 states.


Which southern chain is known for its chicken and biscuits?

In 1977, Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas opened the first Bojangles'. It was located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The following year, the first Bojangles' franchise location opened.


Which Milwaukee area chain is known for its custard and "jumbo" hamburgers?

Kopp's offers vanilla, Swiss chocolate, and a flavor of the day. Custard flavors of the day have included Almond Boy and Cohenhead.


When you're in the Chicago area, where would you go for hot dogs, beef, burgers, and salads?

Portillo's ships its food to all 50 states. You can also order Portillo's dog bowls on the company's website.


Which South Jersey and Pennsylvania favorite would you buy a shorti and coffee at?

In 1803, Wawa began as an iron foundry in New Jersey. The company added dairy farming to its portfolio in 1902. Wawa would not open its first food store until 1962.


Which southern chain has the slogan "Cooked Outdoors Style?"

Cook Out’s first location was on Randleman Road in Greensboro, North Carolina. Until 2009, all Cook Out locations were in North Carolina. In 2010, the first one outside the company’s home state was opened in Spartanburg, South Carolina.


Which Midwestern chain sells its famous Steakburger?

Steak 'n Shake opened in 1934. It currently serves over 110 million Steakburgers and 60 million milkshakes annually.


Which Texas-based chain specializes in hamburgers and sell the "Whatachatch" fish sandwich?

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including its burgers. In 1950, Harmon Dobson made a bigger, better burger his mission. Company lore states that Dobson wanted to create a burger that was so big it took two hands to hold and was so good customers would exclaim, “What a burger!”


Where would you go for TropiChops in Florida?

Pollo Tropical was founded in 1988. Since then, it has been serving its signature grilled chicken and slow roasted mojo pork.


If you’re in California and you’re looking for American-style Mexican food and burgers, which restaurant would you go to?

In 1964, Ed Hackbarth and David Jameson founded Del Taco. On the first day, they sold tacos for 19 cents and cheeseburgers for 24 cents.


Which Tennessee favorite serves wings, burgers, and more?

Krystal opened its doors on October 11, 1932, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Despite the country being in the midst of the Great Depression, the restaurant thrived because of Rody Davenport Jr. and J. Glenn Sherrill’s dedication to a spotless restaurant and courteous service.


Which Louisiana-based chain specializes in finger food?

In 1996, Raising Cane's opened. The first day was so busy that founder Todd Graves kept the restaurant open until 3:30 a.m. to serve every customer.


Which Michigan-based pizza restaurant turns their boxes pink for their Love, Hope & Pizza campaign?

Jim Hearn opened the first Hungry Howie’s in a converted hamburger shop. Since 1973, the restaurant has grown from one restaurant to over 500 locations.


Where would you go in the midwest for a loose meat sandwich?

In 1926, Fred Angell founded Maid-Rite. Angel also created the secret blend of meat and spices that makes up every Maid-Rite sandwich.


Where would you go for made-from-scratch chicken tenders in the southeast?

PDQ started as a restaurant named Tenders. In 2011, the first PDQ opened in Tampa, Florida.


Which Nebraskan restaurant serves a meat pocket that is a favorite in the state?

The first Runza was called Runza Drive Inn. It was owned by siblings Sally Everett and Alex Brening.


While it was founded far from the southern US border, which restaurant serves Mexican food?

TacoTime started in Eugene, Oregon. In 2003, Kahala Brands bought the chain and moved its headquarters to Scottsdale, Arizona.


When in New York, you would stop at which fast food chain for Carribean food?

Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill has over 120 restaurants in nine states. These states are New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, and North Carolina.


Which Pacific Northwest chain is named for a beef patty sandwich?

Burgerville uses local ingredients in all its restaurants. It also works with its farm partners to conserve nature.


Where would you go for ice cream and burgers in Alaska?

Tastee Freez was founded in Joliet, Illinois. Since 1950, it has expanded to locations in 12 states.


If you’re in the Midwest, which chain would you stop at for pizza?

In 1981, Adrie Groeneweg founded Pizza Ranch. Currently, it has 207 locations in 14 states.


Where would you go in the Midwest for frozen custard and steakburgers?

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers was named after Bill and Randy Simon’s father, Freddy. The founded the restaurant with Scott Redler.


Which western United States restaurant would you go for Famous Thick Shakes, crispy fries, and burgers?

Iceberg Drive In was founded 55 years ago. It is found in Utah, Arizona, and California.


Which midwestern restaurant would you get hot dogs topped with the Cincinnati version of its namesake food?

Skyline Chili’s founder grew up in Kastoria, Greece. When he opened the first Skyline Chili, Nicholas Lambrinides named it after the Cincinnati skyline, which was visible from the restaurant.


Which Tri-Cities chain serves sandwiches, burgers, and Frenchie Fries?

Pal's Sudden Service is named after Fred "Pal" Barger. He opened the first restaurant in 1956. Today, Pal's has 28 locations in northeastern Tennessee and southwestern Virginia.


When in Louisiana, which restaurant would you stop at for a po' boy?

The first Danny & Clyde's opened in Gretna, Louisiana. The name comes from the founders' nicknames, Big Dan and Clyde.


Which Kansas City favorite serves Steakburgers?

Winstead’s opened its doors in 1950. It’s motto is “We grind U.S. Choice Steak daily for the sandwich.”


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