Which Roman Emperor Would Be Your BFF?

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Let's flashback a few centuries and take a look at the dudes who ruled the Roman Empire. Ah yes, the imperial period. Augustus, Nero, Marcus Aurelius, Caligula: These men were among those who oversaw one of the greatest empires the world has ever known. Some refuted monarchy while others ruled with an iron fist. Just the usual ups and downs of human nature! Even though the Roman emperors died centuries ago, aren't you curious which one would be your BFF? You two could have shopped for togas together and had servants feed you grapes! 

Every Roman emperor had great accomplishments as well as serious personal flaws. But, just because someone ordered a few senators put to death doesn't make their aqueduct any less impressive! No one's perfect, right? So, which emperor would be your pal? Hotheaded yet fun-loving Nero? Maybe the profound Marcus Aurelius? Or, can you imagine chilling with the OG Augustus? Take this quiz to reveal which Roman emperor would be your BFF. After you learn your results, get to work on that time machine so the two of you can lace up each other's sandals and shape the course of mankind. What are you waiting for? It took them a long time to build Rome, but it will only take you a few minutes to answer these questions!

If you were an emperor, what would your primary objective be?

Growing up, what was your favorite board game?

Powerful and revered, which of the following is your favorite Roman god?

When you spend time with your BFF, what do the two of you like to do?

Thinking of your friends, what characteristic do you value the most?

Your BFF is totally freaking out. What is it most likely about?

Which of the following traits do you admire most in your friends?

You're considering a career change. Which of these jobs do you think you'd be best at?

Which flaw are you prepared to put up with in a friendship?

Girl power! Which Roman goddess is your favorite?

In your opinion, what's the greatest catastrophe that can strike an empire?

When you and your BFF get into an argument, how do you prefer to resolve the situation?

How old is your oldest close friendship?

You and your best friend are headed out to grab a bite to eat. What kind of food do you settle on?

When your friend is having a bad day, how do you comfort them?

Your pal said they're surprising you with a friends vacation! Where do you hope they're taking you?

Of the following, which is your biggest pet peeve?

You and your BFF want to paint the town red. Where are you two headed on a Saturday night?

They say dog is man's best friend. Which of these animals do you think would make a good buddy?

You love staying up to date with your friends via social media. Which platform is your favorite?

Which famous world leader do you find the most interesting?

Which of the following areas was the Roman Empire's greatest contribution to the world?

Celebrity BFFs! Which of these famous duos is your favorite?

You and your best friend decide to go see a movie. What genre will the film most likely be?

Your buddy scores tickets to a concert. What artist will you two see live?

To celebrate your birthday, your friend has planned a whole day for the two of you. What do you think you'll be doing?

To commemorate your special friendship, you and your pal decide to get tattoos. What's your BFF ink?

You can't have a movie marathon without snacks! What's the preferred treat of you and your BFF?

Of the following, what do you love most about your best friend?

Which word best describes the special bond between you and your closest friend?

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