Which Royal Era Should Your Signature Look Be From?

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The name Egbert doesn't sound super stylish, but he is the one who established a stable and lasting rule over England and started the House of Wessex. If it weren't for him, we wouldn't have some of the biggest style inspirations throughout history. We are now in a period where England is being ruled by the House of Windsor and Queen Elizabeth and her relatives. The Windsors have been ruling the Monarchy since 1910 and there's no sign of it changing any time soon. Prince Charles is set to take the throne after Queen Elizabeth's reign has come to an end, and Prince William will take over after that. 

But what about all of the eras of reign prior to where we are now? Each of them is marked in history by technological advances, advances in science and medicine and even societal and industrial revolutions. Just like anything else changes in life, so do the fashions that correspond with each of these royal eras. However, the royal family was never looked to for style inspiration and design concepts until recently thanks to social media and the updated looks the family, especially the ladies, have been sporting. Which royal era should your signature look be from? Take this quiz to find out!

Is your weekend attire vastly different from what you wear during the week?

Do you have a go-to hairstyle?

Even when you do dress up, do you still try to be comfortable?

Where is the place you shop for clothes most often?

What would you wear to walk around the palace on a casual Saturday?

Does one's name impact what their style will be like?

What kind of outfit would you wear to the mall?

What's the one thing that your signature look needs?

Do you wear makeup on a daily basis?

Which type of weather would you rather dress for?

Is there a place that you feel matches your style perfectly?

When it comes to be summertime, what is your standard warm weather attire?

Do you think you already have a signature style?

What word would you want your style described as?

What attracts you to an item of clothing when you first look at it?

What's the first thing you want to smell in the morning?

Which landscape would you like to wake up to every day?

If you could, would you get your hair blown out three days a week like the Duchess of Cambridge?

Is there a current fashion trend that you would never wear?

Earrings are a simple accessory. Which style works best for you?

What item do you own the most of?

If you were going on a first date, what would you most likely be wearing?

When the weather gets a little cooler, what's your go-to coat style?

How would you accessorize a work outfit?

If you were to put on eye shadow, what color matches your eyes and skin tone the best?

Which kind of vacation appeals to you the most?

You're attending a fancy dinner party this weekend. What are you most likely wearing?

Do you wish bolder hair accessories would make a comeback?

Would you rather dress like Rose or Jack from "Titanic"?

Is there a clothing item that you can't live without?

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