Which Selena Gomez Song Matches Your Soul?

By: Tori Highley
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Which Selena Gomez Song Matches Your Soul?
Image: UMG (on behalf of Selena Gomez PS)

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Selena Gomez is back and in rare form! In honor of her new album "Rare" dropping, sound off on all things Selena and see which of her hits is in harmony with your soul.
Selena Gomez Which of Selena's albums is objectively the best?
"Stars Dance"
"For You"
I think "Rare" might be her best yet!


Love overcomes virtually everything.
Listen, observe, value, embrace
Land of virtue endless
Loss of vital energy


Justin Bieber Is Selena Gomez a better musical artist than Justin Bieber?
100% better
I mean, probably.
I think they're on the same level.
Honestly, Bieber might be better.


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