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"The Simpsons" is the longest-running scripted show in television history. The cartoon town of Springfield is inhabited by a huge cast of wacky and weird characters. Can you name these famous "Simpsons" characters?

Which "Simpson's"character is the father of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie?

Homer, of course, is one of the show's central figures. He's kind of a doofus, but he's definitely a loving dad to his kids.


Which character often loudly blasts a saxophone?

Lisa Simpson is the artistic member of the family. She's drawn to music and in many episodes she blasts her saxophone, in ways that are not always pleasing to others.


Which young character is continually spouting bizarre non-sequiturs and displays overall weird behavior?

Ralph Wiggums isn't terribly bright, but he's a good kid. His hilarious cluelessness makes him one of the show's most memorable characters.


Which character often spends time scooting around on a skateboard?

Bart is the show's fun-loving brat. And like so many brats, he enjoys grinding his way around town on his trusty skateboard.


Who is Bart's best friend?

Milhouse Van Houten is Bart's bespectacled best buddy. He's always leery of Bart's crazy ideas, and he's got a huge crush on Lisa.


What's the name of one of the Simpsons' next door neighbors?

The nasal-voiced, religious Ned Flanders is a next-door neighbor to the Simpsons. He often slaps his forehead when he witnesses the Simpsons' lifestyle choices.


What's the name of the character who drives the Springfield school bus?

Otto Mann is the laconic school bus driver who always wears headphones. He also drives like a maniac.


Which character takes a job working for Globex Corporation, which is run by a super-villain named Hank Scorpio?

In one famous 1996 episode, Homer packs up the family and leaves Springfield for an exciting new job. There's just one problem -- the company owner Hank Scorpio isn't the nice guy that he seems to be.


Which character often spends time sucking on a pacifier?

Maggie is the adorable baby in the Simpsons family. She can't say much, but her well-timed pacifier slurping often seems to communicate deeper messages.


Who's the owner of the local Kwik-E-Mart?

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon is the owner of the local convenience store. And he appreciates his customers, often repeating the line, "Thank you, come again."


What's the name of the irascible clown that makes many appearances?

Krusty the Clown is the star of Bart and Lisa's favorite show. But Krusty is, well, crusty and cynical, often chain-smoking cigarettes and bemoaning his personal misery.


What are the names of the cartoon mouse and cat that make Bart guffaw in many episodes?

Bart Ioves to watch the "Itchy & Scratchy" show, in which a cartoon cat and mouse chase each other. The two creatures often meet gruesome ends.


Which character is often spotted guzzling beer with Homer?

Barney Gumble is the loud-talking boozehound who spends much of his on-screen time drinking beer -- often with Homer.


Which character has high acting aspirations but is stuck doing a lot of cheesy infomercials?

Troy McClure is the actor who winds up doing dumb infomercials and educational bits on TV. His character was retired when Troy's voice actor (Phil Hartman) was murdered in 1998.


Which Simpsons character has huge reddish-orange spiky hair?

Robert Underdunk Terwilliger, Jr., Ph.D., is better known as Sideshow Bob. Bob becomes one of Bart's biggest enemies in several episodes.


Who's the principal of the Springfield school?

Seymour Skinner is a disciplinarian principal who never quite maintains control of his school. It doesn't help that he often has to deal with the likes of Bart.


Which Simpsons character was accidentally killed by a T-shirt cannon at Springfield Speedway?

Poor Maude Flanders. The dedicated housewife ventured out to Springfield Speedway and wound up dead -- all thanks to a silly T-shirt cannon.


Which character is noted as the founder of the town of Springfield?

Jebediah Springfield is the founder of Springfield. He's a former pirate who set out for a new life in Springfield -- and he always wears a coonskin hat.


Who is the evil owner of the local nuclear power plant?

Montgomery Burns -- or simply Mr. Burns -- is the cackling, evil-minded owner of the nuclear power plant. He often clasps his hands and mutters, "Excellent" as his nefarious schemes unfold.


Who is Mr. Burns' dedicated assistant?

Waylon Smithers is the smart, capable man who tends to Mr. Burns' every need. He has a strange and almost sexual attraction to his evil boss.


Which young character diligently prays every day?

Being the son of the religious-minded Ned, Rod Flanders prays each morning and night. He once mentioned that he's envious of girls because they get to wear dresses.


Which character is the spokesperson for Duff Beer?

Barry Duffman is the enthusiastic marketer of Duff Beer. He accentuates his love of the beer with a hip thrust and a characteristic, "Oh yeah!"


Who is the self-absorbed local TV news anchor?

Kent Brockman is the rather unlikeable local TV news anchor. He's continually grumpy ... but very rich.


Who is the chief of police in Springfield?

Clancy Wiggum is father to Ralph and chief of police, and he's as weird as his son. He's incredibly lazy, more inclined to munch doughnuts than chase bad guys.


Which fiery character has a distinctive Scottish accent?

Groundskeeper Willie maintains the grounds at the Springfield school. His temper often finds him shouting at people, for real or imagined transgressions.


Who owns the local tavern?

Moe is the often-irritable owner of Moe's Tavern, where Barney and Homer spend many of their evenings. He sometimes tries to commit suicide.


Which character is a stereotype of an uneducated hillbilly?

Cletus Spuckler has the laughable name and the unforgettable overbite. He has bad tattoos and wears a white tank top everywhere he goes. He is most definitely a hillbilly.


Who is always calling Principal Skinner "Spanky"?

Agnes Skinner is Principal Skinner's mom. She often humiliates him in public by calling him "Spanky."


Who is Springfield's local mob boss?

Fat Tony is the local mob boss. He carries a gun and is almost always chomping on a big cigar.


The character named Gary Chalmers has which role on the show?

Gary Chalmers is the school superintendent, and Principal Skinner walks on eggs in his presence. Of course, every time Chalmers visits the school, something goes horribly wrong.


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