Which South American Country Should You Visit?

By: Khadija Leon
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

The continent of South America is very rich in culture, and if you aren't sure about what you want to do, you'll have a hard time choosing the right country for you. Take this quiz to find out where you should go.

Why do you vacation?

What's your favorite season to travel in?

Your ideal vacation destination includes...

How long after you book the flight do you start planning different activities?

Who's your favorite travel buddy?

How are you getting to this country?

How long is this vacation going to be?

Where are you staying for your trip?

Approximately how many bags would you bring for a two-week trip?

Which technological device could you not live without in a foreign country?

Besides your gadgets, what can you not survive without?

What do you think you'll be doing on your first day in South America?

Which South American festival would you love to go to?

And which of these places would you love to visit?

What's your idea of an adventure?

If you could live in any of these South American cities, which would it be?

Which exotic animal would you be really excited to see?

Which tropical fruit are you looking forward to eating?

And which fruity cocktail would you not be able to get enough of?

How would you interact with the locals?

Are you open to the idea of a vacation romance?

Which word best describes your love life back at home?

Which of these sounds like the best date nights?

Which of the following habits often gets you into trouble?

How would you describe yourself?

Are you an outdoor person?

If you weren't traveling, how would you spend your summer?

What do you do when you're bored?

Which TV could you binge-watch all weekend long?

What's one regret that you have?

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