Which "Star Trek: Discovery" Character Are You?

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"Star Trek: Discovery" is the sixth "Star Trek" series to air on television, assuming you don't count the short-lived animated series from the early 1970s. Like its predecessors, "Discovery" takes audiences to a universe explored by Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets as they seek out new life and new civilizations, boldly going where no one has gone before. The show also does it in a way that's more intense than previous "Treks." It's grittier, darker and much bleaker than the earlier shows. In a lot of ways, that makes it more interesting, though. Even in Starfleet, things have to get harsh sometimes.

Audiences are split over "Discovery" with some loving it, some not being super thrilled and others waiting to see how it plays out over time. But it's hard to deny that it features some amazing performances like Doug Jones as the Kelpien Saru. "Discovery" also features some crazy new ideas that "Trek" has never explored before, like the Spore Drive, which allows the Discovery to travel across the universe in a heartbeat. There's a lot going on here! With all the bold new ideas and diverse characters, there's something to appeal to any hardcore "Trek" fan. No doubt there's also at least one character that seems to mesh with you almost perfectly. Want to know which one it is? Take the quiz and see!

Are you the kind of person who respects authority?

What position do you think would be the most interesting on a starship?

What's the coolest technology you'd find on a Starfleet ship?

If you could be the captain of any Starfleet vessel in "Star Trek" history, which ship would it be?

The Spore Drive makes use of a cosmic tardigrade to navigate. What's the coolest non-humanoid alien in "Trek?"

Starfleet's Prime Directive forbids interference with the development of other societies. Would you ever violate this directive?

The Klingons in "Discovery" are pretty terrifying. Which Klingons do you like the most?

Every "Trek" has a non-human crew member. Which one was the best?

Which alien species in the "Star Trek" universe would you want to hang out with the most?

Nothing beats an old-fashioned "Star Trek" slobber-knocker. What alien species do you think would be the most challenging in a fist fight?

Who is the greatest captain in Starfleet history?

The Mirror Universe is a big part of "Discovery." Who's the best character from the Mirrorverse?

Every vessel needs a doctor. Which doctor had the best bedside manner?

You can't travel across the galaxy without a decent engineer keeping an eye on the engines. Which engineer was the best at their job?

All good starships have a science officer on board. Which science officer was the best?

If you could pick a quadrant to be stationed in, which quadrant would it be?

What species is the greatest threat to the Federation?

There's a short "Discovery" story featuring the ship's computer in the distant future when its become sentient. Which other artificial life form held your interest in the Trek universe?

Which "Star Trek" series is the best series?

A lot of captains have helmed a starship over the years. Who did the worst job?

"Discovery" has introduced some visually impressive aliens. Which "Discovery" race do you like the best?

"Star Trek" often includes a character meant to be new and unsure of themselves. Which one did you relate to most?

A good starship needs to have someone who can dole out sage advice to crew members in need. Who gave the best advice in "Trek" history?

"Discovery" had a pretty grim first season. Is that a good direction for "Star Trek" to go?

Even Starfleet officers need to relax now and then. What would be the ideal place to spend downtime?

Which classic "Trek" adversary would you like to see make an appearance on "Discovery?"

Some plot devices in the "Star Trek" universe are a lot crazier than others. Which one makes for the best storylines?

There have been a lot of "Star Trek" movies over the years. Which one did you like the most?

What is it about "Star Trek" that makes it such an enduring concept?

Who in the "Star Trek" universe would you most want to sit down with for a drink?

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