Which Steak Are You?

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In the span of human history, we have created an unfathomable number of menu choices to enjoy.  We have everything from lasagna to roadkill stew, delicious tacos and kind of weird eggplants. A pack of ramen noodles you can cook in two minutes and secret recipe sauces that need to simmer for a whole day. And somehow, with the millions and millions of delectable choices to tempt your palate, there's nothing quite like a steak.

It may seem like just a slab of meat to the uninitiated, but you know better. Is it New York Strip? Sirloin? T-Bone? Are you grilling it or searing it in a pan then finishing in the oven? Basted with butter and herbs or just a dash of salt and pepper? Would you dare to eat it well done with ketchup? Or blue rare with no seasoning at all? 

Why is steak so appealing? Because it's us! Not in the "Soylent Green is people" creepy sense of the word. But it's so diverse. It seems simple, yet it can be complex. It has so many facets and approaches to understanding it. It can be straightforward and no-nonsense or elegant and refined. It can represent a utilitarian brutality or a subtle grace.  Also, it goes super well with potatoes. 

Never doubt that you too are as complex as a steak. But what steak could you be? Answer these questions, and we'll get to the meat of who you are. Take the quiz and let's get sizzling!

What's the best way to spend a hot summer day?

What level of spice do you like in your food?

No one's judging you here - what's honestly the best way to cook a steak?

What kind of seasoning goes with the perfect steak?

What's the best side to go with a steak?

What's the worst culinary crime you could commit when cooking a steak?

What's the best method for cooking a steak?

What's your role when you have a big barbecue?

If you were to grill a steak, how would you get it done?

If you order a steak at a restaurant and it comes to you undercooked, how do you respond?

What drink goes best with a steak?

When you're picking up steak from a butcher, do you get the fat removed?

You're having a night in with Netflix, what kind of movie are you going to watch?

Ignoring steaks for a moment, what other kind of beef do you really enjoy?

If beef wasn't an option at all, what kind of meat would you want at a BBQ?

You need to balance your meal with vegetables. What veggie is the best to cook on the grill?

How would you handle going to a dinner only to discover the menu is vegan?

Have you ever seen one of those giant, steak-eating challenges? How big of a steak could you put away?

How can you tell a cut of meat at the store is going to be good?

Say you had to eat your steak with some kind of sauce. What's the best kind to go on it?

Anyone into barbecue knows there's no such thing as "just" barbecue. What kind of barbecue is best?

If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?

What fast food place makes the best use of steak?

What touristy thing would you do when visiting a new city?

If you could have any one of these vehicles, which one would you choose?

Where do you do most of your shopping?

Which famous TV chef would you love to have cook you a meal?

What's the best season of the year?

Which Marvel hero do you most relate to?

You know what goes well with beef? Cheese! What's your favorite kind of cheese?

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