Which "Steel Magnolias" Character Should Be Your Bestie?

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In 1989, "Steel Magnolias" made us laugh and cry with its classic tale of friendship. Which of the headstrong, powerful, and quirkly characters would be your best friend? Let's find out!

Which Southern U.S. state would you most like to visit?

How would you help your best friend get ready for a wedding?

Which Dolly Parton song do you like most?

Which Julia Roberts film do you like most?

Which Southern food would you most like to try?

What do you admire most about Shelby?

Which actress is the most convincing in her character?

What do you think of those big hairdos?

What do you talk about with your hairstylist?

What would be the hardest part of planning a wedding?

Which character would you like to be your mom?

What would you name a little boy?

Have you ever seen a magnolia tree?

Which metal do you think sums up your best friend?

What could you offer a new best friend?

How would you spend the afternoon with your bestie?

Which Southern-based film do you like most?

Did "Steel Magnolias" make you cry?

What would your best friend say might be your hidden talent?

Which Dylan McDermott movies do you like most?

Which word do you think sums up M'lynn's mothering style?

How would a new best friend describe your home?

Are you more like Shelby or Annelle?

Are you a registered organ donor?

Which occupation might your new best friend hold?

Which flower do you like more than magnolia blossoms?

Would you like to live in the south?

What message do you take from "Steel Magnolias"?

Which Darryl Hannah movie do you like most?

Are you as steady in your faith as Annelle?

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