Which Store in the Harry Potter Universe Should You Work At?

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Harry Potter may be over, but his legacy lives on. The books written by J.K. Rowling were received with such love that movies, plays and even theme parks were fashioned after them. In the theme parks, there are buildings that one would only find in the magical world. They include Hogwarts, Ollivanders and even a Gringotts bank. The question we're going to answer for you today is, just which Harry Potter store should you be working in?

Would you be a helper Ollivanders? As you know, Ollivanders sells one of the most important items a witch or wizard can have: a wand. The great thing is that the wand chooses the wizard, so you won't have that much work to do- cleaning up does suck, though. Or would you help run the Three Broomsticks Inn? You'd get to interact with lots of different creatures, some nice, others not so much. What about Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes? This may just be the most fun job ever. It'd be difficult, however, to watch out for filchers. Or are you meant to be at Madam Malkin's Robes For All Occasions? You'd be the one dressing the most elite witches and wizards. 

So, if you're thoroughly intrigued and you're (almost) dying to find out what you'd be selling, serving or giving to customers in the magical world, take this quiz. 

Which house would you be sorted into?

Which of these locations is your favorite?

Who is your favorite character?

Which Hogwarts teacher did you look up to?

What would your patronus be?

Which horocrux would you keep as a souvenir?

What was your favorite book to read?

Which magical creature is your favorite?

What subject would you have performed well in?

How did you do in school?

What did you ask for as a graduation present?

Which of these homes would you move to after leaving school?

Which of these muggle careers would you want?

What is the most important thing about having a career?

Which of these spells will you be using at work?

What makes you a good worker?

You are most productive when you are…

What would you do if someone in the office stole your lunch?

Why would your boss call you into the office?

What is your biggest office pet peeve?

How do you unwind after a long day at work?

How will you be getting to work?

What color uniform would you like to wear?

Which of these shifts sounds most convenient to you?

Which of these words would your friends use to describe you?

What are you motivated by?

Are you a sociable person?

Which of these is a hobby of yours?

What kind of book would you pick up at a bookstore?

Which of these wizarding desserts would you like to taste?

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