Which Tattoo Matches Your Dark Side?

Ian Fortey

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Hey, we all have a dark side, right?  It's the part that makes us laugh when someone else falls down and is the reason the word "schadenfreude" exists.  Usually, it's not something most of us are super proud of and life can sometimes be a struggle to keep that darkness in check.  But a little darkness isn't bad, right?  If you stray a little to the shadowy side of things or if you're a little more grim than cheery. If you'd rather watch Jason Vorhees go to camp than a group of well-choreographed dance kids. That's perfectly fine. You embrace that darkness.  

No doubt you have some good ideas about what tattoos would look best on you. Heck, you probably have a few on your flesh already. But do they truly represent who you are? Does your dark soul find itself adequately represented on your flesh, or are things falling a little short? Don't feel bad. It's hard to give a face to your soul sometimes. But hey, that's what we're here for! Answer these morbid questions about yourself and your more sinister leanings, and we'll whip you up a dark tattoo recommendation in no time.  t's what we're here for. All you have to do is take the quiz and see!

When you think about a dark side, what do you mean exactly?

What color besides black shows up the most in your wardrobe?

Which of these horror movie villains do you think really deserves more attention?

If you could visit any place in the world, where do you think you might go?

When you get into a fight with your significant other, how does it usually play out?

If you're making dinner for yourself, what meat might you cook?

If you're listening to the radio, what musician will make you turn the channel as fast possible to listen to anything else?

What's your favorite time of day to get things done around the house?

Even people with dark souls have a sense of humor. Which comedian cracks you up?

Many celebrities are sporting tattoos. Who do you think has the best ink?

Everyone loves watching Netflix. Which Netflix original series is the best?

People have been all about vampires since before Bram Stoker wrote Dracula. Pick your favorite vampire movie.

When it comes to horror movies, what classic monster is your favorite?

If you're invited to a backyard BBQ party, what do you do?

It doesn't matter if you're not into basketball. Which NBA team clearly has the best name?

How do you think you'd react to someone cutting you off in traffic?

Which of these relaxing weekend plans sounds the best to you?

Where are you most likely to go if you need to buy some new clothes?

What's the single greatest Christmas horror movie ever produced?

Do you ever feel like you have trouble controlling your dark side?

Do you have a creative way that you can express your inner darkness?

Which period in history do you wish you could have been around to see?

When it comes to getting tattoos, are you into getting as much ink as possible?

Is there a place on your body you'd never get tattooed?

What style of tattooing do you like the least?

Is there any kind of tattoo you think is really played out?

If you got a tattoo that you regretted for some reason, what would you do about it?

When you're in a new social situation, how comfortable are you with people?

Where did you get your first tattoo?

If you were to get a portrait of someone tattooed on you, who would it be?

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