Which "The Lone Ranger" Character Are You?

By: Steven Miller
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

The Wild West can be a dangerous place, but the innocent can rest a little easier knowing that a certain masked man and his faithful friend are on their side. Let's find out which saddle fits you the best.

How good of a horse rider are you?

How mysterious of a character are you?

How good of a shot are you?

Would you consider yourself to be a loyal person?

What job would be most appealing to you in the Wild West?

Which state in the West would you rather live in?

How much difficulty have you experienced in your life?

Which horse's name is most appealing to you?

Do you prefer to act alone or as part of a team?

How likely are you to help a stranger in need?

Which phrase are you most likely to say?

How would you describe your fashion sense?

Which is the best description for how other's tend to think of you?

How good do you think you'd be with a lasso?

Are you more of a leader or a follower?

How strong are your investigative skills?

How skilled do you think you would be at tracking?

How good are your English-speaking skills?

How good of a hand-to-hand fighter would you be?

Would you say that you're a spiritual person?

How likely are you to come up with a brilliant plan to save the day?

How long have your ancestors lived in this country?

Would you consider yourself to be part of a minority group?

When you played "Cowboys and Indians" as a kid, which side were you on?

Which season out on the range do you like the most?

When it's time to rustle up some grub, which meal do you prefer?

Which activity do you prefer when things are quiet out on the range?

Which western animal best fits your personality?

What time do you generally get up in the morning?

Which genre of show would best fit the story of your life out West?

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