Which of "The Waltons" Are You?

Teresa M.

Image: Collage; Jim Bob, John Boy, Mama

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In 1972, "The Waltons" took to the airwaves and warmed our hearts with their wholesome family goodness. If you were a character on "The Waltons," which name would they call out to wish you goodnight? Find out!

What would you like most about living on a mountain?

Which personality trait would your best friend say is your strongest?

Do you have as many siblings as the Walton family?

What would you do to save money during a depression?

How do you say goodnight in your household?

Who do you think is the toughest "The Waltons" character?

Have you ever been horseback riding?

Which girl's name do you like most?

Which Richard Thomas movie do you like most?

Which '70s television show did you like most?

Which Virginia attraction would you like to visit?

Which branch of the military would you join?

What job would you have had in a former life?

Would your friends say you are responsible?

What did you like most about Papa?

Which southern U.S. state would you most like to visit?

Which Ralph Waite movie do you like most?

Which '70s fashion trend would you rock?

Which farm animal would you consider raising?

Do you prefer rural life or city life?

Which decade do you know about the most?

What would you be found doing at a party?

Which old television show would you like to see remade?

Would you like to have a large family?

What do you like most about "The Waltons?"

What are you most frugal about?

Would you like to live on a farm?

What is the last thing you do before going to bed at night?

Who do you look up to most?

How do you survive hard times?

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