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The creatures of the animal kingdom are quite a peculiar lot. And yes, that includes us humans, too! When it comes to how long we all would live, that's where some get more peculiar than others.

For example, have you ever wondered if the insects live longer than bigger animals? Considering that the scary and icky cockroach is practically "un-killable" as a species, have you ever wondered if some of its similar kinds will also withstand the test of time?

How about the wild and free animals of the jungle? Are they also in danger of extinction because of such things as climate change or poaching/hunting? How long can a creature of the wild live on earth, on average? Can you "guesstimate" it?

Or let's start with those closest to our hearts. What about our favorite fur babies who live with us, day in and day out? Have you ever wondered which of their species could last longer with us? Let's hope our faves are in the longevity list, given that we humans can also last for up to 80-100 years old these days!

So if you're curious, hop on in and see which of these animals live longer! 

Is it the Pug or the Bulldog?

A pug can outlive a bulldog, surprisingly. It can survive for 12-15 years while the bulldog can only survive for 8-12.


Between the Pomeranian and the Dalmatian, who lives longer?

The Pomeranian lives longer than the Dalmatian. The small cutesy dog can live for around 15 years while the dapper bigger one can only live for 10-12 years.


How about the British Longhair cat and the American Curl cat?

American Curl cats can live for 14-15 years. The British Longhair lives for only 12-13.


How about a Poodle and a Rottweiler?

A poodle can live for 12-15 years. A Rottweiler can only live for 10-12 years.


Who lives longer between a Bloodhound and a Beagle?

The beagle can live for 12-15 years. The bloodhound can only live for 10-12.


How about a Boston Terrier and a Mastiff?

The Boston Terrier can live for up to 15 years. The Mastiff can only live for 8-12.


Between the Serengeti and the Turkish Angora cat, which lives longer?

Turkish Angora cats live for around 15-18 years, on average. The Serengeti cat lives for around 8-12 years.


How about a Shih Tzu and a Labrador Retriever?

The Shih Tzu can last for 15 years. The Labrador Retriever can only last for 10-12 years.


A Japanese Spitz or a German Shepherd?

A Japanese Spitz can pack in 12-16 years. Meanwhile, the huge German Shepherd can only pack in around 10-13 years.


A Basset Hound versus a Dachshund?

A Dachshund can live for up to 12-15 years. A Basset Hound will only stay for up to 8-13 years.


Between a Golden Retriever dog and a Siberian cat, which pet lives longer?

Golden Retriever dogs can only live for a good 10-12 years. A Siberian cat can stay longer for around 12-15 years.


Is it the Balinese or the Bombay cat that lives longer?

A Balinese cat can live for up to 19-20 years. A Bombay cat lives for around 15-19 years.


Between the huge St. Bernard versus the average-sized Collie?

The huge St. Bernard can only live for 10 years. Meanwhile, a collie can be with you for 12-16 years on average.


How about the Bengal versus the Siamese cat?

The Siamese cat lives for around 15-20 years. A Bengal cat only lives for around 11-12 years.


Between a Lhasa Apso and a Great Dane?

Lhasa Apso dogs generally live longer than Great Danes. They have 15 years to their life, while the other has a range of 10-14.


How about a Greyhound dog versus a Savannah cat?

A Savannah cat lives for around 18-20 years. A Greyhound dog only lives for 10-12.


Which lives longer between these two?

An Asian elephant lives longer with its 60 years. The lion lives for only 12-16.


Bear to bear, which one wins in longevity?

A polar bear can live for 30 years while the grizzly lives for 25. Let's hope the polar ice caps won't melt faster, for their sake.


How about a panda and a manatee?

The South American manatee lives for a good 30 years, on average. The giant panda lives for 20 years.


In a makaw bout, is it the blue and yellow or the scarlet one?

Blue and yellow macaws can be kept for an astonishing 35-43 years. Meanwhile, the scarlet macaw lives for an equally impressive 33 years, though.


How about these long-necked dudes?

A giraffe can live up to 25 years. A camel can only live for 15-20 years.


A gray wolf or a snow leopard?

A snow leopard lives for around 15-18 years. A gray wolf lives for around 8.


Which hummingbird sings the longest?

Blue-throated hummingbirds live longer than their broad-billed counterpart. The former can live for up to 12 years while the latter lives only for almost 9.


How about a long life duel between the King penguin and the Emperor penguin?

A King penguin lives for 26 years, on average. The Emperor penguin lives for only 20.


The American or the Australian?

The Australian Red kangaroo lives for around 23 years. The American bison lives for 20.


How about this unlikely duo?

A jaguar lives for around 15 years. A chipmunk lives for only 3 max.


Who chews longer between these two?

The typical American beaver lives for 24 years. A coyote only lives for about 14.


Is it the hunter or the hunted?

It looks like the hunter tiger lives longer with its 10-15 year range. The mountain gazelle lives for only 8-12 years.


Which one quacks longer?

A mallard lives longer than a Hawaiian duck. The mallard can live for up to 10 years while the Hawaiian duck lives for almost 4 years.


The flying or the grounded?

Vampire bats live for around 12 years. The California ground squirrel lives for only half of that.


Which of these greats live longer?

Great white sharks can live for up to 70 years! Meanwhile, the great barracuda lives for around 14 years.


Which one chirps longer?

The house finch can live for 12 years. The Purple finch lives for about 11.


Which swimming creature wins?

The orange clownfish can live up to 10 years. The short-snouted sea horse only lives up to 5.


Which great bird wins?

An ostrich can live up to 40 years. The bird of paradise can only live up to 8.


Which defensive swimmer lives longer?

Giant manta rays generally outlive broadbill swordfishes. Their 18 years is no match to the other's 5.


Which one lives longer between these fishy fishes?

A pink salmon lives for less than 3 years, if given the chance. The longnosed butterfly fish can live up to 10 years.


Which shark swims longer?

A Bull shark lives longer at 16 years compared to the Finetooth shark, which lives for only 6 years.


Which owl hoots longer?

The spotted owl lives longer than a barn owl. While the former gives a 5-10 year range, the latter can live up to 18 years.


Who hangs out longer?

An olive baboon lives a shorter life. It only counts for 25 years, while the Chimpanzee clocks in at 45.


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