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Liquor and fire rarely mix, unless you're a bartender that knows how to pour one scorching mixed drink. Rather than burning your distillery down trying to ignite the party, take a shot at this quiz about blazing booze.

People have been lighting things on fire since the stone-age. And it makes sense - food tastes better cooked, keeping warm is kind of important, and exploding an excessive amount of fireworks during summer months is just human nature. But why don't we light alcohol on fire more often?

Well for starters, only some liquors are combustable, but which ones? That's what we want you to tell us, without Googling the answers or phoning your mixologist friend. (Are mixologists still a thing?)

We'll give you a name brand liquor, and to the best of your knowledge you tell us if that hooch will heat up. We won't ask how you've obtained any of this knowledge, we just want to know your answers. So grab a cold drink before you take this torched trivia because you might be craving some real firewater by the end of this.

DISCLAIMER: Howstuffworks does not condone the lighting on fire of liquor, alcohol, spirits, your bar, your neighbors home, any extremities, etc. without proper professional supervision.

Jim Beam

At 80 proof or 40% alcohol by volume, Jim Beam is indeed flammable. While it won't produce the biggest flame when lit, this potent bourbon will combust nonetheless.



You may be thinking to yourself, how can fireball not be flammable? Well it just might be the cinnamon playing games with your mind because at 33% alcohol by volume, this spicy elixir is not flammable.



This tasty brandy will catch on fire when lit. Founded in 1765, this liquor has been catching fire, both literally and figuratively, for over 250 years.



Arguably the most popular tequila in the world, this spirit from the blue agave is flammable. At 80 proof, this substance will burn down the house at any party - handle with care.


Southern Comfort

Another spirit that's taste precedes it's explosive properties, this liquor is not flammable. At 35% ABV, the only fires SoCo will be starting are the war and peace kind.


Bacardi 151

Yeah, this stuff is highly flammable. A lot of flaming drinks that you see those fancy bartenders pour are finished with a layer of this stuff on top before they're ceremoniously ignited.


Grey Goose

Grey Goose is flammable. At 80 proof, or 40%, you can definitely light this vodka on fire.



This blended Irish whiskey has been starting fires every St. Patrick's day, both the flammable kind non-flammable kind alike.



It may be all the herbs and spices, but this digestif is not, in fact, flammable. And if you've ever noticed a difference in potency between the US and UK versions, you're not imagining things as Jägermeister is sold at 70 proof in the US vs 61 proof in the UK.


Smirnoff (Unflavored)

Another vodka on the list, and just as flammable as the last. Smirnoff makes 35 different flavors of vodka, and while some are not flammable, their original, unflavored, flavor is very much flammable.


Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

Let this quiz be a lesson, all because a drink is spicy does not mean it's flammable. While some of Captain Morgan's liquor's are flammable, some being highly flammable, their Spiced Rum is not.


Crown Royal

Flammable. Crown Royal tips the scales at 80 proof, making it as flammable as most liquors in this quiz. This Canadian whiskey has been around since 1939, but wasn't sold in the U.S. until 1964.


Cîroc (Unflavored)

Don't let the fancy name fool you, unflavored Cîroc is indeed flammable. Thier fruity flavors may not be so, but their original vodka can definitely fire up any party, day or night.


Jack Daniels

An American classic, Jack Daniels is an iconic product of Tennessee and it his been lighting bellies on fire since 1875. It really should be considered a fire hazard considering Lynchburg is a dry county.


Maker's Mark

Maker's Mark is quite flammable at 45% ABV. This 90 proof spirit is only made in small-batches and comes sealed in a signature wax finish.


Bailey's Irish Cream

Ahh, there is no better way to spice up a cup of coffee or hot chocolate than by adding a nice pour of Bailey's Irish Cream. But don't worry, you won't run the risk of torching your breakfast nook with this delicious liquor because at 17% ABV it is definitely not flammable.


Jose Cuervo

Tequila? Check. 80 proof? Check. Flammable? Check. This spirit joins the other blue agave elixir on this list as a member of the "can be lit on fire" club.


Johnnie Walker (Red-Blue Label)

As refined and sophisticated as Johnnie Walker is, you could light it on fire if you absolutely wanted to/had to. We say had to because why in the world would you unless you were stranded in the wilderness.


Malibu Rum

Not even close. What helps to make Malibu Rum so dang tasty is how low ABV it is; 21% to be exact. But don't get us wrong, we'll gladly order a nice piña colada made with the stuff any day.


Grand Marnier

This one is tricky because of how sweet this orange liqueur tastes. But if you've ever had a well executed flaming shot or cocktail, you know that Grand Marnier, at 80 proof, is the most delicious final element to be layered on top of a drink to be lit on fire.



Do we really have to explain this one?


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