Handyman or Hapless? Do You Know What Tool to Use?

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What tools will get your motor running, get that hole in your wall spackled, or help you fix a leaky pipe? Take this quiz to see if you are a tool-time know-it-all.

Your kitchen sink is clogged up and you need to take apart the undermount to clear the drain. Which tool should you reach for?

The undermount of a kitchen sink consists of piping held together with nuts. The tool to grab to loosen a nut is a wrench.


The leg on your dining room table is wobbly, making a total mess at meal time. What do you use to tighten it up?

An electric screwdriver will quickly and easily reconnect the leg to the table.


The newest addition to your art collection is hanging at a strange angle on the wall. How do you make it sit up straight?

A level will give you a picture-perfect straight line every time.


Your kitchen and living room share a wall that you'd like to see gone. You've already determined it's not a load-bearing wall. It's demo time, but what will tear it down fast?

You'll need both a hammer and a crowbar for this remodel. When you're ready to tear down the wall, use the hammer to make a small hole in the drywall. Then, use the crowbar to pry the wall away in pieces.


Your den is looking a little sad and boring. You decide to spruce it up with some crown molding and a chair rail. Everything is going swimmingly until you hit your first joint. How do you make it virtually seamless?

A miter saw is the go-to tool for cutting perfect angles, which will give your molding a fluid look.


You found the perfect mirror to hang above your buffet in the dining room. The only problem is you found it in the trash and it needs a little help becoming a treasure. Once you get it all cleaned up, you need to attach a new wire to the back to hang it. What do you need to turn that mirror into the fairest of them all?

You can find a picture hanging kit in most home improvement and craft stores, but you'll need a pair of pliers to wrap the wire around the hooks.


You've just ripped up your carpet and installed shiny, new hardwood floors. But the old baseboards are detracting from the beautiful wood, so you decide those have to go too. What do you need to install the new baseboards?

A nail gun will make quick work of the job. Shooting nails into the boards will save both time and energy, so come out with your guns blazing.


Now you're ready to take your kitchen from the "Brady Bunch" era into the 21st century. The Formica and linoleum are gone. All of your appliances are in place. You just have to connect your kitchen sink. But the piping you bought is just a bit long. What will make it fit like a glove?

Whether you need to shave just a sliver off or an entire foot of pipe, you'll need pipe cutters for the job.


The great storm of the decade just rolled through town, and you have a basement full of water. What do you need so you can be high and dry?

The easiest and most efficient way to dry up the lake in the basement is with a wet/dry vac. Keep those towels clean and bust out the mop and bucket for smaller jobs.


Now that the interior of your home is perfect, it's time to mosey outside. It's obvious the previous owners weren't very outdoorsy. The layers of dirt on the deck are thick and menacing. What's the best way to make your patio shine?

While you could put in some elbow grease by shoveling the dirt away, it still won't get the little spots out. Grab a pressure washer and watch that grime disappear.


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