Which "Top Gear" Character Are You?

Khadija Leon

Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

"Top Gear" is a British television show that has been aired on BBC since 2002. The motor vehicle themed show has had quite a few presenters, but which one would you be? Let's find out!

What do you look for in a car?

What color would you spray paint your vehicle?

What type of vehicle would you get?

What brand would it be?

How fast do you drive?

Which of these cars would you love to test drive?

Would you buy a new or used vehicle?

Which of these car quotes do you like most?

What do you think about American cars?

How old were you when you got your license?

What was your favorite childhood toy?

What was your best subject in school?

Which of these was your favorite childhood movie?

Which of these would you get a license for?

Who is your favorite TV presenter?

Who would be your ideal guest star?

Which BBC show do you like to tune into?

Which reality TV show would you sign up for?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a risk taker are you?

Which of these is most important to you?

How would you describe yourself?

What do you and your friends like to get up to?

What do you like to eat on a night out?

Do you have a catchphrase?

If you had a phobia, what would it be?

If you were stranded on an island, what would you take with you?

Which of these countries would you visit on your next vacation?

Which of these devices do you own?

Which of these pets would you own?

What kind of coffee do you drink?

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