Which TV Sitcom Do You Belong In?

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You've come home from work, it was a hellacious day and you could use a good laugh. A while back, there wouldn't have been much of a selection on television; it was either one of many reality shows, a gritty crime drama or a news program. If you were lucky, you could catch a sitcom from years past, but it felt like there was nothing new to watch. Now mind you, there are still many reality television shows out there, some that seem to never disappear (we're looking at you, "The Bachelor"), mostly because they became so popular in their first few seasons. But now, comedies are coming back onto television sets across the US.

Along with some awesome new settings and storylines, writers brought characters to life in ways that weren't available in times past. Of course, with all these new innovations, television characters became more realistic and approachable. Instead of having the family with the picture-perfect life with the spunky kid whose worst offense was throwing a party when their parents were out of town, parents have new struggles to face when it comes to raising children, ones that are more relevant to today's kids.

Have you ever wondered which show you would be able to live in? Which character would you consider a best friend? Put aside the remote, pause your on-demand show and tune in to this quiz.

You've been loaned one of your friend's favorite cars and somehow got into an accident! What is the first thing you do?

If you were out with friends, where would you go to have fun?

When you were a kid, what was one of your hobbies?

Are you close to your family?

Beverly Goldberg, the mother figure on "The Goldbergs" isn't just a big head of hair, she's also an overbearing mother (referred to as smother); would you say your mom was a smother too?

Every sitcom has an episode where they go on vacation. Where would you go?

Which of these '80s sitcoms was your favorite?

Back in the day, if your parents left you alone for a romantic weekend, what would you be doing?

Would you say your father is strict?

Do you ever want to jump a shark?

How big is your family?

Holiday specials on sitcoms are a great way to get into the spirit; which of these animated shows has the best holiday episode?

Which of these television-based businesses would you purchase goods from?

How many siblings do you have?

If you spied your sibling coming home late after a scandalous night out, what would you do?

Did you ever cheat on tests in school?

Which of these TV couples had the best story?

What do you think the coolest thing about today's sitcoms is?

Many shows have stereotyped roles; which role would you have played when you were a kid?

When it comes to scares, sitcoms usually rely on laughs over screams; which Halloween costume would you wear?

Which of these comedic moms would you want to grab a bite with?

How do you feel when sitcoms take on serious matters?

You just found out that your kid was caught fighting at school; what do you do?

If you found out that your friend was dating someone who was bad news, what would you do?

"The Good Place" has froyo galore; which flavor is your favorite?

In many shows, dances are a thing; how did your parents react when you were going to your prom?

How do you feel about comedies that use laugh tracks?

If you want a kick-butt pad to rest your head in, check out the Pritchett house on "Modern Family"; if you could, which one of these TV houses would you live in?

Every sitcom has a friend who always gives good advice; which bestie would you want to hang with?

"Good Girls" keeps three women bound together like they were sisters; which of these siblings is the most similar to yours?

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