Which Type Of British Man Should You Date?

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The stereotypical image of British men is pretty thoroughly embodied by two men these days: Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. 

They typically play one of three roles. There’s the emotionally crippled posh duffer, as played by Grant in "Four Weddings." There's the sexy (if you like that sort of thing!) cad, as depicted by Grant in “Bridget Jones' Diary." Lastly, there's the emotionally stunted but fixable hero, embodied by Firth in the BBC adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice." The fourth quintessentially British man is, of course, James Bond, who's been played by a number of people.

However, these depictions don't come close to covering the glorious variety of manhood to be found in Britain. After all, where would we be without the Cockney smoldering of an Idris Elba character, the zany devil-may-care wit of one of David Tennant's incarnations, the sexy lad represented by James McAvoy or the fierce genius and vulnerability of everyone played by Eddie Redmayne? British men come in many shapes and sizes and suit many kinds of potential girlfriends (or boyfriends). Fortunately, we've distilled them down into the four main categories, to help you assess the essential question: Which type of British man would be the right soulmate for you? Take this quiz to find out!

Would you like him to pay on your dates?

Where do you want to run away to with your dream man?

What nickname will he call you?

How emotionally open should he be?

What kind of dancing would you like to do with him?

Who will make dinner — you or him?

What will he wear on your first date?

Who would you like to hang out with together?

What do you think his family's like?

What industry should your ideal guy work in?

What should he like most about being British?

Have you ever knowingly committed a crime?

Do you care much what your extended family thinks of him?

How should he be involved in his community?

Are you a family-oriented person?

What sort of jewelry might he wear?

When he's just occupying his brain — say, while waiting for something to load — what does he do?

How does he feel about the queen?

Are you willing to do quite a lot of work to get a guy to see a few things from another point of view?

Which Britishism do you really hope he'll use perfectly earnestly?

What sort of education would you like him to have?

British people are absolutely mad about dogs. What dog will you two get together?

Will he mind if you don't know how to observe the rules of etiquette?

How would you like to meet him?

Where would you go on holiday?

Should he have lived anywhere besides the British Isles?

Will he care much about Brexit?

Other than a dog, what animal might he have?

What car would you like to drive?

Where would you like to spend your Saturday nights in twenty years' time?

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