Which Ugly '60s Car Matches Your Personality?

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The 1960s was one of the greatest decades in automotive history, especially in terms of design. Who could forget the classic designs of the Corvette or the Camaro? Or a classic Chrysler 300F Convertible? These cars are iconic and really started to define what people meant when they described a car as looking hot or sexy.  

Nowadays, we can look back fondly on these car designs as some of the best in history because we have the benefit of hindsight. Things always seem better in our memories because we tend to focus on the positives and forget about the negatives. We all remember those super sexy cars from back in the day, but we have tried to stamp down those memories of the hideous mistakes that were trolling the highways back then. But man, they happened. They were manufactured and sold, and they're just as ugly today as they were way back then.

Still, it's fun to look back at some of the forgotten monsters of way back when, even if not all of the cars were as beautiful as they could have been. They had personality! And so do you! Answer a few questions for us, and we'll match your personality to those personality-infused but esthetically deficient cars from back in the day.

What are you usually doing when you get behind the wheel?

What's the radio in the car usually tuned to?

How well do you handle being cut off in traffic?

What's the greatest song about driving that's ever been written?

What's in your trunk right now?

It's road trip time! If you could drive anywhere, where would you go?

Have you ever been in a car accident in your life?

Do you have any difficulty following speed limits?

It's time to get a family pet only the pound is all out of dogs and cats. Which one of these weird animals would you pick?

Which one of these Taco Bell dishes sounds the best?

What's the creepiest creature crawling the Earth?

Everyone likes Superman, right? Which of his super pets was the coolest?

It's time for some extreme sports! Which of these would get your blood pumping the most?

What's the color of your dream car?

If your car is in the shop, how are you going to get around town?

What's the most underrated sport of these four?

What's the longest road trip you've ever been on?

Who's usually got shotgun in the car when you go for a drive?

How clean is the backseat of your car right now?

Who else is allowed to drive your car?

What's your favorite genre of film when you're just relaxing with some Netflix?

What kind of monster would you most like to prove was real?

What's your opinion on driving through the snow?

What's the absolute coolest car in the history of the automobile?

It's time for some seafood! What's the most delicious thing from the sea?

How would you react to a stranger bumping into you then trying to fight you?

What's your favorite part about going camping?

What's the best season of the year?

What would you say is your best quality overall?

Your car breaks down on the highway. Do you know what to do?

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