Which US National Park Should You Visit?

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We call it America the Beautiful for a good reason. These 50 states contain 59 national parks (and a whole lot more protected areas and monuments) run by the fine folks at the National Parks Service. Visiting all of them could take a very long time, but you have to start somewhere. Take this quiz to find out where your first - or perhaps your next - magical adventure should take place.

What's your ideal weather?

How much time do you have for your trip?

Mountains, beaches, or something in between?

Do you fear heights?

How badly do you need to get away from it all?

What kind of moolah do you plan to spend?

How do you like your water: frozen or liquid?

How do you cope with high altitudes?

What sort of animal do you fear?

Would you rather confront that fear, or avoid it?

Would it upset you to see something beautiful, knowing that climate change is already destroying it?

Can you bear to be far away from your car?

Do you enjoy the company of other people?

Do you prefer human history or landscape?

What's your favorite land critter to see?

What movie would you choose?

What outdoor clothing best suits you?

Sunglasses; yay or nay?

Are you OK pronouncing non-English names?

If you were to die in a National Park, how would you want to go?

What bird would be your favorite sighting?

How long can you go without checking your phone?

What's your ideal dinner?

If you built a cabin, it would be made of...

How are your joints?

What disease do you least fear?

Making your friends jealous: how important is global name recognition in choosing a park?

Stargazing: is it important or not?

Do you need to see ancient ruins?

Does size matter?

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