Quiz: Which US State Is Your Temperament Most Like?
Which US State Is Your Temperament Most Like?
By: Steven Miller
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About This Quiz

Each state has its unique personality and overall vibe. For example, it would be very upsetting and odd to see someone yelling at a cab driver in Kansas. However, it just wouldn't feel right if that wasn't happening somewhere at any given moment in New York. 

The weather has something to do with these traits as well. If you live in Washington, there's a good chance you deal with some depression, especially after a few weeks of constant rain in the winter. However, this is not as much of an issue in a place like, let's say, Arizona.

If you are most like those in the Midwestern states, you likely tend to keep your true emotions bottled up a bit more. The culture here adopts much more of a grin-and-bear-it philosophy. That being said, these are the folks who tend to stay pretty even-keeled and balanced, at least until the day that all that pent-up frustration explodes.

If you're more at home on the East Coast, it's likely that everyone is very clear how you feel about things and you have no issue in stating your concerns with plenty of volume. You also probably move pretty fast in life, and you tend to keep your plate jam-packed with all kinds of new and interesting things to do.

Buckle up; we haven't even gotten to the South and the West Coast yet. Get out the atlas; it's time to hit the road to find the state that you most closely resemble.

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