Which "Walking Dead Villain" Is Most Like Your Boss?

Khadija Leon

Image: Collage; Dawn, The Governor, Shane

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Sometimes, our bosses behave in such a way that liken them to television villains, in this case, the bad guys from "The Walking Dead." So which villain is your boss?

Who's the worst villain to ever be on "The Walking Dead?"

Which good guy do you think your boss would absolutely hate?

The apocalypse hits. What does your boss do first?

Which "Walking Dead" woman would your boss admire the most?

Which dead character would your boss have killed themselves?

What's the one thing you boss would've taken from life before the apocalypse?

How would your employer react to the walkers?

Do you think that you boss would deliberately get someone bitten by a walker?

If your boss was in "The Walking Dead," what would he or she wear?

Which weapon would they carry?

Which safe hold would they claim for themselves?

How would your boss get around?

How do you think your boss would treat a new survivor?

How would your employer feel about stealing during the apocalypse?

The group that your boss ultimately aligns himself with are...

What role would your boss play in the group?

What would you boss do with someone who got bit by a zombie?

If your boss was a baddie on "Game of Thrones," who would they be?

Which other TV villain could your boss be?

What kind of employee are you?

How would you describe your boss in one word?

Would you say that your boss is a good leader?

What do you think your boss's favorite holiday is?

What was your first impression of your boss?

Does your boss have a sense of humor?

How would you describe their humor?

Which of these is truest about your boss?

What do you think the most important thing to your boss is?

If your boss was a historical bad guy, who would it be?

Do you think your boss could change if they really wanted to?

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