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Ford and Chevrolet have cultivated some of the strongest brand loyalties and one of the fiercest rivalries in the automotive world. Since the 1920s, these two companies have been trading blows in sales leadership, on the street and on racetracks. 

If you really want to rile up your Chevy-loving neighbor, talk about the Mustang being the first “pony car.” Chevy fans can brag about Corvette still being America’s only true sports car. Ford loyalists can counter with the brand’s long-running pickup truck leadership … it could go on and on.

Each of these great American brands has so much more to its history, and both have also had a huge influence on American society. One revolutionized automobile production with the moving assembly line and later made the first popular and affordable V-8 engine. The other established a reputation for reliability and then in 1955 instigated a new performance era with a revolutionary lightweight V-8 engine.

One is still controlled (though not owned) by the family of the man who founded the company. The other has been a pillar of one of the world’s oldest multi-line auto manufacturers for more than a century.

Which one is which? Take this quiz to test how much you know about your favorite American car brand, and maybe learn some new things about it, too!

Which company introduced the Mustang?

Ford introduced its iconic Mustang in April 1964 as a 1965 model, launching the “pony car” model segment.


Which company makes the Corvette sports car?

Chevrolet introduced the Corvette in 1953. In July 2019, the company introduced the radically redesigned eighth-generation Corvette (C8), now for the first time with a mid-engine layout, like many high-end European sports cars have used for decades.


Which company introduced the Camaro?

Chevy introduced its Camaro sport coupe and convertible for 1967 to compete with Ford’s Mustang. Like the Mustang, the Camaro was available in a wide array of models, from six-cylinder commuter car to super-fast muscle car versions.


Did Ford or Chevy offer the successful Impala?

Chevrolet introduced the Impala in 1958 as an upscale version of the Bel Air model. Impala became a separate model the following year. The name was retired in 1985 but was revived twice afterward, and it’s still around in 2019.


Which company produces the Silverado pickup truck?

When Chevy redesigned its full-size pickup line for 1999, it came with a new name, Silverado, to replace the old C/K lettering scheme.


Which company introduced the Shelby GT350?

In 1965, Ford contracted with Carroll Shelby, an ex-race driver and creator of the Ford-powered Cobra sports car to modify its Mustang for greater performance. The result was the Shelby GT350. Shelby died in 2012, but his revived relationship with Ford had put his name back on the Mustang. The 2019 Shelby GT350 has a specially built 526-horsepower V8 engine.


Which company uses a gold emblem for its brand?

Chevy’s famous “bowtie” logo has kept he same shape since 1913 but has seen detail and color changes, usually black, blue or gold. A textured, three-dimensional design was introduced for 2013.


Which company uses a "bowtie" as its emblem?

Chevy, of course, uses an emblem that's reminiscent of a bowtie. It's been around since 1914. Ford, on the other hand, has always stuck with its memorable oval.


Which company temporarily ceased civilian automobile production in January 1942?

By January 1942, following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States was in a state of war with Japan and Germany. The federal government directed auto manufacturers to halt production of civilian vehicles and switch factories to the production of aircraft, military vehicles and armaments. Production of civilian automobiles resumed by fall 1945, with the “new” 1946 models essentially being 1942 models with cosmetic changes.


Which company was the first to use a rolling assembly line to build its cars?

In 1913, Ford was first to apply the rolling assembly line principle to building cars. Assembly time for each car dropped from about 12 hours to under three. That allowed Ford’s car prices to drop and sales to rise, altering the course of automobile manufacturing.


Which company is a division of General Motors?

From its beginning, Chevrolet was connected to General Motors, one of the biggest automotive conglomerates in the world. Ford has never been a part of GM.


Who sold the Model A car?

Ford followed up its massively successful Model T with the more modern Model A, which was made from 1927-1931, with nearly five million built.


Which company was co-founded by William Durant?

William C. Durant teamed up with racecar driver Louis Chevrolet to create the Chevrolet car in 1911. What started as a high-end brand soon evolved into a mass marketer to take on Ford. Chevrolet became a critical part of General Motors, which Durant had founded a few years earlier.


Which company was the first to sell its vehicles?

Ford wasn't the first vehicle manufacturer in history, but it was close. The first Ford car was sold in 1903, roughly eight years before Chevy got rolling. Ford sold 1,708 cars in its first year, putting it in #3 position behind Oldsmobile (4,000 cars) and Cadillac (2,497 cars).


Which company launched a model called the Classic Six?

In 1913, Chevrolet unveiled its first production car, the Type C, which was better known as the Classic Six. Its 40-horsepower inline six-cylinder engine could take it to 65 mph, which was quite fast for the time. The Chevy models that followed would be cheaper four-cylinder models as the company targeted Ford’s Model T as a competitor.


Which company has made the best-selling truck for more than 40 consecutive years?

The Ford F-series is the definition of consistency. For more than 40 straight years, this pickup truck model line has held the top sales spot in America. Today’s F-series line is vast, offering everything from basic work truck to luxury truck and also heavy-duty models.


Which one was co-founded by a race car driver?

Louis Chevrolet was one of his namesake company's co-founders. He was born in Switzerland, moved to France and then brought his car driving and engineering experience to the United States. The first production Chevrolet models arrived for 1913, but by the following year, the man who gave his name for the company had sold his shares to co-founder William C. Durant and left the company.


Which company was the first to incorporate safety glass into its car windows to protect occupants?

In early automobiles, shattered glass caused terrible injuries to car occupants in collisions. Ford began making its own laminated glass in 1919 and expanded its use for windshields in all its cars over the following decade. Laminated glass uses a plastic film between layers of glass to hold the pane together if it shatters, helping to reduce injuries from sharp edges.


Which company's sporty car has mostly outsold the other's?

Ford's Mustang has usually sold more than Chevy’s Camaro, although there were some years in the 1970s and 1980s and also more recently when Camaro sold more. However, the first Camaro arrived more than two years after Mustang, and there was no Camaro produced from 2003-2009, putting Mustang well ahead in total sales over its 55 years.


Which manufacturer has won more NASCAR race victories?

Both Chevrolet and Ford have been big winners in NASCAR racing for decades, but as of 2019, Chevrolet has won 39 Manufacturers Cups, and Ford has won 16.


Which brand is part of one of the largest family-controlled businesses in the world?

Although Ford is a publicly held stock company, the Ford family still controls it by holding less than two percent of the outstanding shares. How? Their special class of stock gives them 40 percent of voting power.


Which company was the first to offer an automatic transmission in a low-priced car?

In 1950, Chevrolet introduced its Powerglide transmission, the first automatic transmission in a low-priced car. Ford followed with its first automatic in 1951.


Which company was involved in the biggest auto recall in history?

Ford holds the dubious distinction of the biggest-ever auto “recall” for a safety problem, although it was not really a recall. It began in 1980 to address a problem in which the automatic transmissions in more than 20 million Ford-built vehicles built over 15 years were at risk of slipping from park into reverse. Some 6,000 accidents, 1,700 injuries and 98 deaths were attributed to the faulty transmissions. Ford simply mailed warning stickers to 23 million owners, who were instructed to attach the labels to their cars’ dashboards. The company did not repair owners' cars.


Was it Ford or Chevy that made headlines with its first "big block" V-8 engine?

After introducing its new V-8 engine for 1955, Chevy developed a larger V-8 for use in trucks and the larger passenger cars it had planned for 1958. These engines came to be known as “big block” engines, simply because they used larger engine blocks than the earlier V-8, which from then on was called “small block.” Car enthusiasts applied the terms to other manufacturers that offered V-8s in similar “large” and “small” varieties. The most famous Chevy "big block" was the Mk. IV version inroduced in 1965 in the famous 396 cubich-inch displacement..


Which company revolutionized employees' standard of living by advertising a wage of at least $5 per day?

Henry Ford didn’t just revolutionize auto manufacturing, he changed the relationship between companies and employees, too. In January 1914, he touted a $5 daily wage for assembly line workers, as well as shorter work weeks, reasoning that happier workers were more productive workers. There were, however, some conditions employees had to meet to qualify for the higher wage, which was more of a bonus. These included intrusive home visits from the company’s Sociological Department to judge such things as home cleanliness and abstention from alcohol consumption.


Which company started the Mercury brand?

In 1938, Ford created Mercury as a more upscale, but still affordable offshoot brand. Mercury was a success for decades but began to falter in the 1980s, as most of its models were simply lightly disguised Fords by then. The last Mercury, a Grand Marquis, made in early January 2011.


Which company has a model with the longest-running nameplate (model) in auto history?

Is it the Mustang? Nope. The Impala? No again. The longest-running nameplate among American carmakers is Chevy’s Suburban. The model debuted in 1935 as the Carryall Suburban, essentially an all-steel station wagon body on a pickup truck frame. The vehicle was meant to carry numerous passengers and a lot of cargo, hence the “Carryall” part of the name that was later dropped.


During the early 20th century, Ford dominated auto sales. Which company sold more vehicles in 1928?

Chevrolet did not become a threat to Ford’s American car sales dominance until the 1920s, and finally overtook Ford for 1927 and 1928. The two brands would thereafter trade off the number one and two sales spots, at least among American brands.


Whose 1955 model is considered an automotive icon?

The 1955 Chevrolet is one of the most famous models in auto history. Its combination of a surprisingly elegant body style and a new (optional) V-8 engine (later nicknamed the “small block”) made it iconic. It’s a favorite with car collectors today.


Did Chevy or Ford introduce the F-Series pickup?

Ford’s full-size F-series pickup line has been America’s best-selling vehicle family for 40+ years. Did you know that the first F-series models were introduced in 1948?


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