Which Western Movie Hero Are You?

Mark Lichtenstein

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There is nothing like a movie hero to get your blood flowing and feel good about the world, and of all the heroes in film, there is nothing cooler than a Western movie hero. Back in the days of the West, if some bad guys rolled into town, it wasn't like you could just call the police and wait for them to show up and take care of everything. You had to either take care of things yourself or wait for a hero to save you. 

We know you're pretty heroic, and you also look totally cool in a cowboy hat, especially if you're squinting into the sun. You'd make a great Western movie hero, and the only question is, which one would you be? Would you be the incredibly cool Blondie from "The Good the Bad and the Ugly?" or maybe the all-around good guy Will Kane from "High Noon?" 

Maybe your vibe fits either "Butch Cassidy or the Sundance Kid?" Or maybe you're just like one of the "Magnificent Seven;" the odds are pretty good that you are, there are seven of them after all. Before you saddle up and ride of into the sunset with the girl of your dreams you might want to take this quiz and find out which Western movie hero is most like you.

What is your motivation?

Do you have many friends?

What is your preferred weapon?

Do good and evil exist?

Is justice a real thing?

Do people get what they deserve?

Who will you leave behind when you die?

How close to death are you?

How religious are you?

How cool are you?

Who is your enemy?

Is your enemy evil?

Is your enemy more evil than you?

Do you have any allies you meet along the way who are like you at all?

Do you plan to travel very far?

Are you out for revenge?

Are you out for the sake of the law?

Are you just trying to survive?

Are you in this for your community?

How likely are you to keep coming back in successive movies?

What lighting do you like?

Would you make any sense to have in a comedy?

Are you predictable?

Do you feel like you fit in?

How do you feel about ladies?

Will you ever cross the Jordan, or is that for others?

What's your theme song?

How will you die?

If you had to pick a weapon other than your gun, what would it be?

Which Sci-Fi movie would you be in?

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