Which Wild Cat Is Your Kindred Spirit?

Teresa McGlothlin

Image: Aprison Photography/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Everyone has a kindred spirit, but only a select few of us are worthy of having a wild cat represent us! Once you tell us about your lifestyle, your personality, and your love for cats, we will let you know which one is out there mirroring you. You might live your life as fast as a cheetah, but are you more of a lion on the hunt?

You don't need to be a zoologist to figure out your kindred cat spirit. In fact, we want to focus more on the way you move through life more than your knowledge of big cats. After we see how your instincts work, it will be easy to figure out which majestic feline is out there living your parallel animal life. 

As we claw our way through this quiz, every answer you give us will give away your primal traits and your animal instincts. Try not to tame your responses - we want to see you as raw and as in the flesh as a lion's meal. Then, we will compare your ways to the known traits of all the wild cats out there.

Which fierce wild cat will you call your kindred spirit? Quiz along with us, and you'll know for sure!

How often do you take naps?

Which breed of house cat is prettiest?

Which of your traits is strongest?

Which of your senses is most sensitive?

Which apex predator is scariest?

What do you like most about wild cats?

Have you ever been hunting?

Which safari animal is most fascinating?

Which fish is the tastiest?

Do you have any pets?

What is your most cat-like quality?

What do house cats dream about?

Would you ever bath a cat?

Which tiger has the nicest markings?

Which cartoon cat do you like the most?

Are you easily angered?

Are you protective of those you love?

How do you feel about dogs?

If you found a stray, what would you do?

What is a house cat's cutest feature?

Which jungle animal is most horrifying?

If you were a domestic cat, where would you prefer to live?

Which kind of wild dog interests you most?

Which outdoor activity would you enjoy most?

Which part of a wild cat's diet sounds tasty?

Are cats more intelligent than humans?

Have you ever seen a bobcat?

Do you curl into a ball when you sleep?

What kind of food should house cats eat?

What name would you give to a new kitten?

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