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You've got to be a real wordsmith to do well on this quiz. Let's find out just how much you really know about homophones.

No, a homophone is not a musical instrument, even though we here at How Stuff Works do think words are musical. Homophones are words that sound the same, but which are spelled differently - like witch and which. 

In spoken language, one has to use context to be able to understand what word fits within the communication, but in written language, spelling is key. For instance, when you are speaking with someone, they are not likely to think you're telling them that you can't decide witch which is which... clearly you want to know which witch is which. 

But, which is which, you are likely to be misunderstood. It's interesting how spelling only counts in written language, isn't it? Still, context is key, so even if you are terrible at spelling, anyone with even the tiniest bit of deductive reasoning skills will know that you mean which witch is which, not witch which is which.

Confused? Don't be. Just prove your skill with homophones by acing this quiz. Let's get started.

Fill in the blank: I couldn't figure out ____ tool to use, so I looked it up on the internet.

"Which" is used to ask for information specifying one or more people or things from a definite set. A "witch" is a woman who is thought to have magic powers, especially evil ones.

Fill in the blank: My mom realized she didn't have enough ____ to make the cake.

"Flour" is a powder created by grinding grain and is typically used to make cake, bread and pastry.

Fill in the blank: I went to the store to ____ milk.

"Bye" is short for goodbye but can also be defined as the transfer of a competitor directly to the next round of a competition without facing an opponent.

Fill in the blank: The golfer yelled "____" when he hit the ball with his driver.

While fore is yelled to warn about the path of a golf ball, it can also mean "placed in front of something."

Fill in the blank: The bird ____ over the trees.

"Flew" is the past tense of "fly." "Flue" is a duct for smoke and waste gases produced by a fuel-burning source.

Fill in the blank: The salesman went from house to house to ____ a new invention.

A "petal" is a part of a flower. A "pedal" is a foot-operated lever used to power any vehicle using the legs.

Fill in the blank: We ____ for three hours in the car to get to grandma's house.

"Rode" is the past tense of "ride." Rowed" is the past tense of "row" and a road is a wide way leading from one place to another, usually for designed for vehicles.

Fill in the blank: You reap what you ____.

The phrase "you reap what you sow" means eventually you have to face consequences for your actions. The word "sow" means to plant seeds by scattering them on or in the earth.

Fill in the blank: We made a huge ____ after investing in the new business.

To "profit" is to make a financial gain. A "prophet" is a person regarded as an inspired teacher of the will of God.

Fill in the blank: My wife sent me down to the wine ____ to get another bottle of pinot noir.

A "cellar" is a room below the ground level of a house. A "seller" is a person who sells something.

Fill in the blank: I had to buy new ____ for my kids before they went back to school.

The word "close" denotes a short distance away or apart in time or space. "Clothes" are items worn to cover the body.

Fill in the blank: The nurse had to find my ____ before drawing blood.

A "vane" is a broad blade that is attached to a rotating axis or wheel, usually used on devices such as windmills, propellers or turbines.

Fill in the blank: The ____ of the flower was intoxicating.

"Scent" is a distinctive smell, while a "cent" is a monetary unit of countries like the United States and Canada. "Sent" is the past tense of "send."

Fill in the blank: The FBI raided the house in order to ____ the illegal guns.

To "seize" is to take hold of suddenly and forcibly. "Seas" is the plural for "sea" and "sees" is the third-person present tense for "see."

Fill in the blank: The story told to me was ____ inaccurate based on the evidence.

The word "wholly" means entirely or fully. "Holey" is used to describe something full of holes, while "holy" means you are dedicated to God or some other higher purpose.

Fill in the blank: Our goal is to climb to the ____ of the mountain.

"Pique" is a feeling or resentment or irritation to one's pride. It can also be used as a verb to show stimulation.

Fill in the blank: We made our new shed out of ____ after our old wood shed fell apart.

To "meddle" is to get involved in something that isn't one's concern. A "medal" is a metal disc with an inscription or design used to award or commemorate a person of importance.

Fill in the blank: She used a peeler to pare off the skin of her apple.

To "pare" is to trim something by cutting away its outer edges or outer skin. Synonyms include reduce, diminish and decrease.

Fill in the blank: You can choose this ____ that, but you can't have both.

"Ore" is a naturally-occurring solid material from which metals or valuable minerals can be extracted. An "oar" is used to row a boat.

Fill in the blank: The king's ____ lasted for 50 years.

A "rein" is a long, narrow strap used to check or guide a horse. To "reign" is to hold a royal office.

Fill in the blank: The homeless man was ____ from the waist up.

A "bear" is an animal, but can also be used as a synonym to carry or support. "Bare" can mean not clothed or covered.

Fill in the blank: My oldest ____ will be the first of my children to go to college.

A "son" is a boy or man who is related to one or both parents. The "sun" is the star around which the Earth orbits.

Fill in the blank: We sat in the lower ____ of seats for the concert.

A "tier" is a row or level of a structure. A "tear" is a clear, salty liquid secreted from ones eye when crying or suffering eye irritation.

Fill in the blank: The man used his ____ to shape the wood.

An "adze" is a tool similar to an ax and is used for cutting and/or shaping wood. "Ads" and "adds" are both the plural form of "ad" and "add," respectively.

Fill in the blank: Finishing such a big project in just one week was quite a ____.

"Feet" can be a part of the body or a unit of measure. A "feat" is an achievement that requires great courage or skill.

Fill in the blank: The horse was ____ from horses with a racing background.

"Bred" is the past tense form of "breed," meaning reared in a specific way. "Bread" is food made of flour, water and yeast.

Fill in the blank: The ship was docked at its usual ____.

A "berth" is a place where a ship is normally kept when at anchor. "Berth" is also used in a sports context such as "the team earned its first playoff berth in 10 years."

Fill in the blank: I failed the assignment because I didn't ____ my sources.

While "cite" can mean to quote a book, passage or author to make a point in a scholarly work, it can also mean to summon someone to appear in court.

Fill in the blank: We saw a ___ run across the road while driving upstate.

While "dear" can be used as a showing of affection for someone, it is also used as a synonym for expensive.

Fill in the blank: I was in a total ____ after receiving the bad news.

To be in a "daze" is to be in a state of stunned confusion or bewilderment. A "day" is a 24-hour period, with there being 365 of them in a regular Earth year.

Fill in the blank: The people next to us at the beach let us use ____ towel.

"Their" is used to show one's possession of something. "There" is used to show the location of something, while "they're" is short for "they are."

Fill in the blank: The white wine was a nice ____ to the fish we were eating.

"Complement" is a thing that completes or brings something to perfection. A "compliment" is a polite expression of praise.

Fill in the blank: We decided to ____ eggs for Easter.

"Dye" is a substance that is used to add or change the color of something. To "die" is to stop living.

Fill in the blank: We enjoyed some potato ____ soup before eating the main course of our dinner.

A "leek" is a plant related to the onion. It has flat overlapping leaves forming an elongated bulb that together with the leaf bases is eaten as a vegetable

Fill in the blank: All I want to see before I die is world ____.

"Peace" is the freedom from the disturbance of war or violence. A "piece" is a portion of an object or material, which is produced by cutting or breaking from the whole.

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