Which WWE Hall of Famer are you?

Joshua Laurent

About This Quiz

It takes a lot of skill and also a good amount of acting ability to be a professional wrestler, and it takes even more to be a star, but when it comes to being a member of the WWE Hall of Fame you really have to be the best of the best. There are a lot of different personalities when it comes to pro wrestlers; some of them are good guys, some are bad guys some switch back and forth between the two, and others are just plain old crazy.

If you were a WWE Hall of Fame professional wrestler, who would you be? The first wrestler ever to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame was Andre the Giant, known for being gentle, really strong, and for having a prodigious appetite for food and women. Other old school wrestlers that you might be like are Gorilla Monsoon and Chief Jay Strongbow. 

If you are more modern in your tastes, you might find that Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper, or Brett "The Hit Man" Hart, might be most like you. If you want to know which of these legendary wrestlers are most similar to you, then step into the ring, just don't use any foreign substances. 

What is your preferred mode of transportation?

Who is your favorite late night talk show host?

What will you have for your appetizer?

Which of the following is your favorite wrestler?

Which of the following is your least favorite wrestler?

Which is your favorite season?

What is your favorite state?

What would be your job be if you could wave a magic wand?

What do you call your grandmother?

Why do you watch the Super Bowl?

What is your favorite water sport?

Who was your favorite character on Friends?

Which social media app do you use the most

What is the highest level of education you attained?

How long have you been with your significant other?

Who should be the President after Obama?

How honest are you?

How will the world come to an end?

What is the first thing you do when you get home?

What is your favorite kind of bottled water?

What is your favorite kind of seafood?

What size of dog do you own?

What do you spend on Christmas presents?

What sport did you play varsity for in high school?

How long before you bring someone home to meet the parents?

On a scale of 1-10, one being lowest, what is your fear of public speaking?

Which is the most noble job?

What kind of farmer would you be?

Which was your favorite Dwarf?

How long is your Hall of Fame speech going to take?

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