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Do you know a suplex from a figure four leg lock? Can you tell the Road Warriors from the Sheepherders? If those questions are as easy as a leap off the top rope for you, then you need to take this quiz!

In the '80s and '90s, the World Wrestling Federation (now the WWE) ruled the roost when it came to filmed sessions of brawny men (and sometimes women) beating on each other with fists, elbows, knees, heads, chairs, hapless referees, and (occasionally) musical instruments and blocks of wood.

To be a superstar wrestler you first had to have a persona. Nobody cared about your love for puppies, your stamp collection, your prize-winning burger recipe, or your talent on the tenor saxophone. They wanted to see you dressed as an evil clown smashing brick-laden pies into your opponents' faces.

After you had a persona, you had to come up with a signature move. It's all well and good if you bounce your opponent off the rope and then jump in the air and knock him silly with your buttocks, but if you call that the "Evil Clown Butt Pie," you'll sell out arenas across the country!

So how well do you know WWE wrestlers? Click start, put on your spangly tights and find out!

I am "The Man," and many regard me as the greatest wrestler of all time.

Not only was Ric Flair "The Man," but he was also the greatest wrestler of all time. No one can top that world-class star.


I am the "Stone Cold" beer drinker and bad mouther.

Is there anything better than watching "Stone Cold" Steve Austin? We love him for all his foul-talking glory.


I am an icon, cult legend and reality star.

As kids, we all remember watching the Hulkster. Heck, even adults couldn't get enough of the reality star.


I am "The Showstopper" and a born-again Christian.

Shawn Michaels was known as "The Showstopper" for good reason. Religion aside, he was a stand-up guy.


I am the seven-foot-tall grim reaper.

Undertaker seriously dominated WrestleMania. Today, we remember him for his height and extreme wrestling skills.


I have two words for you: Macho. Man.

When it comes to being flamboyant, nobody did it like Randy Savage. He is remembered for his showmanship and tremendous skills in the ring.


I am the “Excellence of Execution” and I wear pink.

Bret Hart was the “Excellence of Execution." And to top it all off, the guy wore pink and still dominated.


I painted my face for WCW glory.

Sure, Sting painted his face a lot, but he was also known for his loyalty and courage. He changed the face of WCW.


I am the All-American boy and longest reigning WWE Champion.

Only serious wrestling fans know about Bruno Sammartino. He basically helped to make WWE what it is today.


I am "Nature Boy," and the very first WWE champion.

Buddy Rogers was the original WWE champion. He career went off right at the beginning of the television era.


I am "The Game," who married Stephanie McMahon.

Some people are Triple H haters, and those people don't have their heads on straight. The guy seriously won 13 World Championships.


The crowd said "You Suck" to me, but I'm an Olympic wrestler!

Most people forget that Kurt Angle was an Olympic wrestler first. He is considered one of the greatest athletes in the sport.


I am the Peoples' Champion and a movie star.

Few performers are as charismatic as The Rock. Not only is he a superior crowd pleaser, he went on to become a movie star.


I am a former eight-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Harley Race is famous for being a former eight-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Triple H also wore the "Harley Race Knee High."


They call me the "Rated R Superstar" that retired early.

It made us all seriously sad to see The Edge leave early, but the guy had to do it. We'll never forget the 11-time World Champion.


I am the "The American Dream" that was made to wear polka dots.

Dusty Rhodes had to do some strange things late in his career, but we'll always remember him as a superior wrestler. He seriously encompasses "The American Dream."


I am Y2J; both a face and a heel.

Chris Jericho is remembered for his versatility, among other things. Back in the times of Y2J, he could play both the face and the heel.


Steve Austin used my signature move.

Steve Austin often used the Lou Thesz Press. This signature move was stolen from the legend himself, Lou Thesz.


I am the 16-time WWE Champion and... a heartthrob.

Not only is John Cena the 16-time WWE Champion, but chicks love him. Sorry, fellas.


I am described as both bland and ballistic.

There is a lot of opinion surrounding Bob Backlund. But the truth is, he was a tremendous wrestler and had a steady WWE reign.


I am "The Dragon" of AWA, NWA, and WCW.

Ricky Steamboat was known as "The Dragon." He went on to dominate AWA, NWA, and WCW.


I am the masked, and smallest, World Champion.

Rey Mysterio is known for his masks and tremendous showmanship. He's also the smallest World Champion in the business.


I am a late Latino legend.

We lost Eddie Guerrero far too soon, that much is certain. But we'll never forget him for his fighting spirit and tremendous wrestling skills.


They call me Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love.

Mick Foley had a bit of a personality crisis. He's known for portraying Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love. This hardcore wrestler was no stereotype.


The world was held in my tattooed hands.

The world was once held in CM Punk's tattooed hands for quite some time. Body art aside, CM Punk is known for his crazy skills in the ring.


I am a groundbreaker and lovable "Princess Bride" character.

Andre the Giant literally paved the way for all the heavies you see in the ring today. He also made a memorable appearance in "The Princess Bride." Just saying.


I am a "Rowdy," brilliant heel.

Roddy Piper is known as "Rowdy" Roddy. He is also known for being one of the best heels in wrestling history.


I am a 13-time World Champion from Texas.

Randy Orton is the 13-time World Champion from Texas. He's known for his performance in the SmackDown brand.


I founded New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Antonio Inoki seriously founded New Japan Pro-Wrestling. He also took part in the greatest Hulk Hogan wrestling match of all time.


I had a few years defined by the near-misses in the mid-card.

Daniel Bryan is known for a few years defined by the near-misses in the mid-card. He burned hard and bright, but we still love him.


I ain't the youngest, but still the "Thunder".

Jushin Liger was no spring chicken, but what a fighter. The "Thunder" is known for his high-flying style.


I am "The Lariat" cowboy.

Stan "The Lariat" Hansen played one of the best cowboy characters ever. That's saying a lot, considering that it's a pretty popular trope.


I am the three-time Wrestler of the Year that was gone too soon.

Seriously, Mitsuharu Misawa was gone too soon. But we'll remember him as a superior wrestler that seriously dominated.


I am the "Million Dollar Man" and a total heel.

Ted Dibiase was known as the "Million Dollar Man." He pulled some of the best heel moves in wrestling history.


They said this about me: "He was a big hairy dude who punched and kicked his way across the country"?

As one fan described, Bruiser Brody was "a big hairy dude who punched and kicked his way across the country." He is one of the great brawlers in wrestling history


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