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Sure, we all know about Princess Diana and her tragic end. But long before “Di” and her dramatic tabloid life, there were a whole lot of other crazy ups and downs in the British monarchy. Do you think you really know your British royalty? Take our monarchy “Who Am I” quiz and find out!

The English monarchy was full of political backstabbing and bloody events. Take the reign of Henry VIII, for example. He was an egotistical maniac who couldn’t be trusted to take care of his own family… particularly his wives. Incidentally, how many of Henry VIII's wives can you name?

Not all royalty came from England. Some men drove their armies into the country, captured it, and took the British crown for themselves. Do you think you know those conquerors?

Some rulers, like Elizabeth I, were actually pretty benevolent. Others were known more for their warring ways and extravagant spending, which put Britain on the brink of bankruptcy.

Let’s see if you really know your British royalty. In this edition of “Who am I,” we’ll trace the history of the monarch and see which kings and queens made London proud, and which ones didn’t. Take our monarchy quiz now!

I beheaded two of my wives and married four others in my efforts to produce a male heir to the throne. Who am I?

Henry VIII was quite the bloodthirsty guy. He started numerous wars and didn’t hesitate to behead a couple of his own wives when they didn’t suit his purposes.


I had the longest rule in British history. Who am I?

From 1837 to 1901, Queen Victoria controlled England and Ireland. Her 63-year reign was the longest ever - until Queen Elizabeth II surpassed her record in 2015.


I ruled from 1272 to 1307 and earned the nickname of "Hammer of the Scots." Who am I?

Edward I was called "Longshanks" because he was so tall. He was also noted for his brutality in dealing with the Scottish people.


As of early 2018, who is first in line to the British throne?

Elizabeth II has been in power since just after World War II, and she is the longest-reigning queen ever. Her eldest son, Charles, is first in line to the throne, followed by his eldest son, Prince William.


From 1413 to 1422, I ruled both England and Ireland, and I nearly conquered France in the Hundred Years’ War. Who am I?

Henry V was a celebrated ruler who forced France into signing a peace treaty that essentially made him the heir-apparent to the French throne.


I was known as "The Lionheart" for my reputation as a fearsome warrior. Who am I?

Richard I was "The Lionheart" who became king in 1189. He was just 16 when he took the reins of his own army in order to quell rebellions against his father.


I led the Norman conquest of England and ruled the nation from 1066 to 1087. I also built the Tower of London. Who am I?

William the Conqueror invaded and captured England in 1066 and made himself ruler. He spent the last years of his life putting down one rebellion after another.


I wasn’t just Queen of England. I also took the title of Empress of India. Who am I?

In 1877, Queen Victoria took the title of Empress of India. Victoria took the throne at 18 after all of her older brothers died.


I was Queen of England from 1533 to 1536. Then my husband beheaded me. Who am I?

Anne Boleyn had the misfortune of being married to Henry VIII. She had several miscarriages, a fact that didn’t sit well with the king... and ultimately, he had her head lopped off.


I was the final Roman Catholic monarch of England, Scotland and Ireland, and I was thrown from power in the Glorious Revolution of 1688. Who am I?

James II became king of England in 1685, not knowing then that he’d be the last of the Catholic monarchs. He was overthrown after just two small battles, in part because his heart didn’t seem to be in the fight.


Starting in 1689, I was a joint monarch with my cousin and husband, William III of Orange. Who am I?

Historians often refer to this reign as "William and Mary," as the two shared power in the kingdom. When William was called elsewhere, Mary II often made important decisions in his absence.


In 1282 I conquered Wales during a rebellion and then settled the area with English people. Who am I?

Edward I put down one Welsh rebellion, and after a second he’d had enough. He captured Wales and placed it under English rule.


I was the daughter of Henry VIII, known as the "Virgin Queen." Who am I?

From 1558 to 1603, Elizabeth I ruled England and was admired by her subjects. She never took a husband, making her the "Virgin Queen."


I was the son of Mary, Queen of Scots, and became king of England in 1603. Who am I?

James I was the son of Mary, Queen of Scots, and began as the King of Scotland. He later ruled Scotland, England and Ireland, too.


I spent most of my life in France instead of England, in part because I was so often at war. Who am I?

Richard I, "The Lionheart," was absent from his home country for most of his adult life. He spent much of his time off at war or at a home in France.


I’m often known for my extreme appetites and I died at 55, probably in part to obesity. Who am I?

Henry VIII was known as a voracious and lustful man, one who didn’t feel the need to rein in his appetites. By the end of his life, he was very obese, a fact that probably played a role in his death.


The British Empire expanded greatly during my reign. I also married my first cousin and had nine children, making me the "grandmother of Europe." Who am I?

Queen Victoria’s six-decade reign saw a major expansion in the British Empire. She was a prolific mother, giving birth to nine children.


I ruled from 1603 to 1625 and I helped the British East India Company to flourish. Who am I?

James I took over after Elizabeth I and worked steadily to improve trading. The East India Company’s trading successes sparked the English economy in many ways.


I strengthened Parliament and made it a permanent aspect of the country. Who am I?

Before Edward I came along, Parliament was often regarded as an afterthought in political affairs. He helped to strengthen Parliament and made it a permanent part of society.


In 1588, my navy confronted and defeated the Spanish Armada that was coming for my head. Who am I?

After a long-standing feud boiled over, the Spanish set out to remove Elizabeth I from power. But her navy clashed with the huge Spanish Armada and scattered it.


Staring in 871, I led the resistance against Viking invaders, and I was the very first person to claim the title of King of the Anglo-Saxons. Who am I?

Not only did Alfred the Great help to beat back the Vikings, but he greatly improved the nation’s military structure and legal system.


I was known as "Ironside," and I ruled for less than a year in 1016. Who am I?

Edmund Ironside became king only because his two older brothers both died. His short reign was ended by Danish invaders.


I cried during my wedding to my first cousin. Who am I?

Who could blame her? Mary II’s affections clearly laid elsewhere, but she was forced to marry William III, her first cousin. She reportedly wept during the ceremony.


I was crowned King of England and Ireland in 1547, when I was just nine years old. Who am I?

Because he was just a child, Edward VI was never really in charge. Instead, the kingdom was governed by Regency Council. He died from illness at age 15.


I reigned during the Edict of Expulsion, which pushed Jews out of England for hundreds of years. Who am I?

In 1290, Edward I was in power as the Edict of Explusion took effect, uprooting Jews from England. Three and a half centuries passed before the Edict was finally removed.


I took the throne in 1199. I was the youngest of five sons, but a series of crazy events meant that I became king. Who am I?

John, King of England, was crowned in 1199. But he never would have been king if his older brothers had behaved (and not been killed).


I was never crowned, but I was sent to the Tower of London. Then I was deposed by Richard III. Who am I?

Edward V and his brother were imprisoned in the Tower of London by their uncle, who took the throne as Richard III. The boys disappeared, never to be seen again.


One of my notable accomplishments was separating the Catholic Church from the Church of England. Who am I?

Henry VIII tried to annul one of his many marriages... and the Catholic Church refused. Thus began a long battle in which the king demolished much of the Catholic Church’s power.


I was the ruler of the United Kingdom from 1830 until my death in 1837. Who am I?

William IV was a sailor in his younger days, so when he took the throne he was sometimes called the "Sailor King." His two older brothers died... and he became king at the age of 64.


I became queen in 1702, following the death of William III. Who am I?

Anne, Queen of Great Britain, took the throne following William III’s death. She suffered 17 miscarriages and never produced an heir.


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