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“Game of Thrones” is a dizzying spectacle of political intrigue, backstabbing, treachery, blasphemy, corruption, violence and, well, you get the idea. And behind every blood-soaked dagger is a character looking to seize power in any way he or she can. Who are they?

Every epic storyline features strong (or ruthless) figures looking for murder, or perhaps revenge. Do you know the name of the very first character to meet a violent end in the famous TV show? And how familiar are you with the children who swear vengeance for the killing?

Who is the nefarious offspring of warped royalty? Who suffers at the hands of a terrible child king? And who helps put him down like the rabid dog he really is? All across Westeros, you’ll find people and creatures caught up in the ebb of good … and evil.

Do you know the name of the person who holds great power over dragons? How did this character achieve such amazing powers, anyway? And for whom does she ceaselessly mourn?

Whether they are Lannisters, Targaryens, Boltons or Starks, they are all bound together by fate. Together, they stride into the wars of Westeros, seeking the power of the Iron Throne. Grab your broadsword, lift your shield and do battle with our “Game of Thrones” character quiz now!

I am the dragon queen. I can do anything. Who am I?

Daenerys Targaryen unwillingly winds up as the wife of a Dothraki leader, but instead of crumbling, she gains personal strength. An epic series of events finds her as a powerful leader who can even control fearsome dragons.


As the leader of the House Stark, I tried to raise my six children with honor and virtue. But no bit of decency goes unpunished, and King Joffrey had me executed. Who am I?

In the very first episode, Ned Stark emerges as the kind of dignified hero who steals every scene. But the show's creators shockingly kill him right off the bat.


I like to wrestle with my twin sister. Sometimes, we even make babies! Who am I?

Jaime Lannister has an incestuous relationship with his twin sister, and he often puts down dissent with extreme violence. But on the whole, you know, he doesn't really seem like such a bad guy.


I have a maniacal laugh and take sadistic pleasure in leveraging my royal power to hurt people. Who am I?

With his pinched little face and cold, dead eyes, Joffrey Baratheon isn't the kind of bad guy who's going to redeem himself in the end. And you know what? He doesn't.


I'm the illegitimate son of Ned Stark and in a whirl of events, I join the Night Watch. Who am I?

Actor Kit Harington plays the part of Jon Snow, perhaps the greatest hero in all of "A Game of Thrones." Unlike the show's more fortunate characters, Jon must earn everything he achieves in life.


I take narcissism to annoying new lows because I’m certain that I'll transform from The Beggar King into the true leader of the Iron Throne. Who am I?

Arrogance always has a bitter price. Viserys Targaryen makes the mistake of threatening the Dothraki … and he winds up with a "crown" made of molten metal, and his place in this show comes to an early end.


I stumbled upon a brother and sister doing very private things with each other… and then the brother pushed me out a window to silence me. Who am I?

Bran inadvertently sees two Lannister siblings touching each other in rather initimate ways, and Jamie Lannister has no intention of letting him talk about it. He pushes Bran out of tall tower in hopes of killing him.


I am a khal of the Dothraki. I impregnate a woman who has power over dragons. Who am I?

With his quivering, sweat-laced biceps and booming voice, Khal Drogo is the kind of guy made to rule a bunch of smelly Dothraki. But his ferocity can't save him from a simple case of blood poisoning and he dies in the first season.


As a member of the House Lannister, I'm self-assured, self-righteous and wicked. I like to kiss my brother. Who am I?

Cersei Lannister is a woman whose black heart beats with the blood of her enemies. But it's hard not to feel bad for her as her children perish in terrible ways.


I'm the youngest daughter of Lord Eddard Stark. But don't let my small size fool you -- I can wield a sword with deadly aim. Who am I?

After the death of her father, Arya strikes out on a path of vengeance. But her journey will be perilous and sad. Her anger alone may not sustain the quest.


I utter this famous line: "You know nothing, Jon Snow." Who am I?

Ygritte is from the wrong side of the tracks, er, Wall, but Jon Snow falls for her anyway. But she's a wilding who plays hard to get, at one point sneering at her pursuer and saying, "You know nothing, Jon Snow."


I am Iron Born. I am arrogant. I am powerful. I get my wiener lopped off in prison. Who am I?

As an heir apparent, Theon Greyjoy is a haughty young man. Once he's tortured in unfathomable ways by Ramsay Snow, though, his attitude is quickly adjusted.


I’m the shortest Lannister and I'm often cast aside by society, but I have the greatest political skills in the family. Who am I?

As a dwarf, Tyrion Lannister fears that no one will ever really care what he says or does. But as the story advances, his keen intellect and social skills make him a powerful force in Westeros.


I am a large, awkward-looking woman who never marries … but becomes a fearsome warrior. Who am I?

Brienne of Tarth is an honorable woman who fights with fury and loyalty. What she lacks in looks she more than makes up for with might and will.


I am sometimes called the Red Helm, and I murder people with wanton abandon. Who am I?

As the illegitimate son of Lord Roose Bolton, he starts life as a Snow, only to take the last name of Bolton. Ramsay is an ugly man with a hideous spirit who never hesitates to torture his foes.


I'm a thug for House Lannister and everyone calls me The Hound. Who am I?

With his gruesome facial burn scars and huge frame, Sandor Clegane strikes a terrifying figure as The Hound, who does the evil bidding of the Lannisters. but he may not be as heartless as he seems.


As treachery unfolds, a foe cuts off my sword hand. Who am I?

The leader of the Brave Companions chops off Jaime Lannister's sword hand, maiming one of the world's great warriors. But Jaime doesn't give up -- he learns to fight again with his left hand.


I’m the daughter of the Lord of Highgarden in the Reach. Who am I?

Margaery Tyrell is from the House Tyrell, a family that's fallen from grace in Westeros. But through her mother's wiles and her own determination, she begins climbing her way back to power.


I usually go along with my husband's wishes, but when it comes to letting Jon Snow in the house, no way. Who am I?

Understandably, Catelyn Stark isn't too thrilled about welcoming her husband's illegitimate son Jon Snow into the family. But she'll soon have more serious situations with which to contend.


I'm a manipulative man, the Lord of Harrenhal, Master of Coin. Who am I?

Petyr Baelish is a cunning man who hides his true intentions from nearly everyone. He is as ruthless as he is intelligent, making him one of the most dangerous men in Westeros.


I become Lord Commander of the Watch, and I help to build an alliance between the Night's Watch and the wildings. Who am I?

Jon Snow forsakes a loftier path in life to become Lord Commander of the Night Watch. There, he protects the Wall and helps to build goodwill between the natural enemies of his men.


I'm forced to marry Sansa Stark, but because I have a conscience, I don't consummate the union. Who am I?

The horrid Tywin Lannister forces his son Tyrion to take Sansa's hand in marriage. But Tyrion doesn't want to hurt Sansa in any way, instead making her difficult circumstances as easy as possible.


I am the product of royal incest, and my twisted lack of empathy seems to result from potential genetic defects. Who am I?

He's supposedly the son of Queen Cersei Lannister and King Robert Baratheon, but we soon learn the truth -- Jamie Lannister is really Joffrey's dad. No wonder his brain seems to misfire in every scene.


I'm an honorable descendant of an honorable man. But my life ends at the hands of Walder Frey and Roose Bolton. Who am I?

Robb Stark does his best to follow in the dignified steps of his father. But at the Red Wedding, he is murdered in a most brutal way.


I’m a prostitute who forms a relationship with Tyrion Lannister. Who am I?

Shae is the beautiful prostitute who begins a long-term relationship with Tyrion. But the story takes a violent turn and she finds herself a target of her lover's rage.


My nickname is The Red Woman, and I wield supernatural powers to help Stannis Baratheon. Who am I?

Melisandre of Asshai is a devotee of the Red God, and she has amazing magical powers that she deploys in service of Stannis. She is a powerful figure, but as she learns, often not powerful enough.


I come from a life in exile in Essos, and following my brother's death, I see it as my right to take the Iron Throne. Who am I?

Once her brother is executed, Daenerys Targaryen sees a clear path the Iron Throne. And even though no one at first believes in her, she quickly builds political capital and learns to forge critical alliances.


I have a vocabulary of exactly one word. Who am I?

Hodor is the protector and servant of Bran Stark, and considering his large size, he's not one to be trifled with. He says one word, his own name.


I'm scorned by most of family, and my father sleeps with my girlfriend … so I kill them both. Who am I?

Tyrion Lannister is slow to fall for a woman, but he does care for Shae. Then she betrays him by sleeping with Tyrion's father. He murders both of them in one of the show's most memorable scenes.


I'm a fierce mercenary with a serious fondness for the Dragon Queen. Who am I?

Poor Daario. He'd happily lay down his life for Daenerys Targaryen. But alas, she leaves him behind when she heads to Westeros.


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