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Listen here, my precious, for time is of the essence. There is evil from Mordor spreading throughout Middle-Earth. It rides in the minds of black riders and seeps into the hearts of even innocent Hobbits. We must find the One Ring and destroy it …before it’s too late. Or will our cast of heroes fail in their most vital quest?

In “The Lord of the Rings” films, audiences encounter some of the most memorable characters ever to appear on the silver screen. From bumbling Hobbits to warmongering wizards, to talking trees and overbearing orcs, these movies are epic in their sprawl but intricate in their character development.

Do you remember the name of the first Hobbit to lay eyes on the One Ring? And do you remember which family member wound up with the cursed object? Do you recall which pitiful creature would do anything – anything at all – to get hold of “his precious”? And how did his miserable life end?

Not all “Rings” characters are such sad sacks. From Aragorn to Elrond, these movies are packed with men, women, elves and dwarves driven to save Middle-Earth from a terrible disaster. Do you remember who starts the Fellowship in the very beginning? Does that character live … or die?

Together, we’ll gather our wits and will and plunge into the dangers of this “Lord of the Rings” characters quiz. Only the strongest will survive!

I'm the character who finds a magic ring left behind by my weird Uncle Bilbo. Who am I?

Frodo is just a young hobbit when he stumbles upon Bilbo's magic ring. Little does he know, the ring will take him on the terrifying journey of a lifetime.


I’m Elrond's daughter and I'm smitten with Aragorn. Who am I?

Arwen Evenstar is born to Elven immortality, but she decides to accept mortality and pursue more makeout sessions with Aragorn. Who can blame her? I mean, it's Aragorn.


I make a lot of fuss looking for the "One Ring," which I call, "my precious." Who am I?

When Riverfolk fall for the One Ring … they fall hard. Gollum is obsessed with the Ring, pitifully scrambling around for "my precious."


As Theoden's niece, I yearn to be a mighty warrior. But I also fall deeply in love with Aragorn. Who am I?

Her father died fighting orcs and she longs to become a legend of the battlefield. She is Eowyn, and she's distraught that Aragon will never return her affections.


I'm a graying wizard who sometimes accompanies the Hobbits on their quest. Who am I?

The Hobbits are almost always overjoyed when Gandalf materializes. His wisdom and magical powers are indispensable during the long and arduous mission.


I'm the Master of Rivendell, and I lead the decision to destroy the Ring. Who am I?

Elrond leads the council that decides to attempt to destroy the Ring. He's also torn knowing that his daughter has fallen in love with a mortal.


I'm a human who is often called the Captain of the White Tower. Who am I?

A noble human, Boromir is the Captain of the White Tower. He actually betrays the Fellowship, but in the end, he redeems himself.


I’m a great archer and the son of Thranduil. Who am I?

Legolas is an Elf who has spectacular archery skills. He's also an intimate friend to Gimli and Aragorn.


We are a group of evil, horse-riding wraiths under Sauron's power. Who are we?

The Nazgul are the terrifying Black Riders who are tied to the evil powers of the One Ring. They do the bidding of Sauron.


I love stories about dragons and quests. I wind up accompanying my friend on a crazy Hobbit adventure for the ages. Who am I?

Samwise Gangee probably doesn’t feel too wise about his life choices once danger sets in on the long quest. But he's a loyal friend to Frodo, no matter what.


I’m the heir of Isildur and the true king of Gondor. Who am I?

He was brought up by the Elves of Rivendell and exists in exile with the Rangers of the North. He's Aragorn, and he becomes a critical part of the Fellowship.


I'm a dwarf warrior who eventually falls in love with Galadriel. Who am I?

Gimli is the primary dwarf character in the Fellowship. He's a very close friend of Legolas, and is head over heels (which isn't very high for a dwarf) for Galadriel.


I'm the weirdest Hobbit in the Shire, the one who adopted poor Frodo after his parents perished. Who am I?

Bilbo has a well-deserved reputation for eccentricity in the Shire. But given his life events, you can hardly blame him.


I'm the second king of Gondor and I slashed the Ring from Sauron's hand. I was killed by orcs. Who am I?

In the book, we learn that Isildur's name means "devoted to the moon," and he is also committed to a life of good. But in the end, he falls prey to a band of nasty orcs.


I'm a tremendously powerful spirit that looks like a giant flaming eye. Who am I?

The corrupting influences of power are evident in the creature called Sauron, an evil spirit that looks like flaming eye. He seeks the One Ring to complete his ruination of Middle Earth.


I'm a nature spirit who aids Frodo in the Old Forest. The Ring holds no sway over me. Who am I?

Tom Bombadil saves the hobbits in the Old Forest, and he's not at the mercy of the Ring's power -- he can see Frodo even when he's using the Ring to become invisible. Tom was sadly absent from the movies, but book readers love him.


I'm a Hobbit member of the Fellowship and I wind up enlisting as a soldier in the army of Gondor. Who am I?

Peregrin Took -- Pippin -- is often a rather rash fellow. But his bravery leads him to fight during the War of the Ring, and he becomes a true hero.


I stabbed Frodo with a Morgul blade, nearly turning him into an evil wraith. Who am I?

In one fraught moment, the Witch-king jabs Frodo with a Morgul blade, and Frodo begins turning into a wraith. Thanks to his friends, Frodo is saved.


I'm one of Frodo's young cousins, and I'm fond of maps. Who am I?

Meriadoc, or "Merry," is one of Frodo's best friends in the Fellowship. During the long quest, he is separated from the rest of the group and winds up on an adventure with Pippin.


I like to pretend that I'm a decent creature, but really I'm just a henchman for Saruman. Who am I?

With a name like "Wormtongue," you know he's up to no good. Grima is nothing but a tool for the wizard Saruman.


I lead the order of wizards and I'm consumed with the idea of power. Who am I?

Once wise, but now corrupted, Saruman the White lets his machines lay waste to Middle-earth. In the end he hopes to nab the Ring and rule the world.


I'm a powerful tree creature with powers of hypnosis. Who am I?

Old Man Willow is a spiteful ancient tree with powers of hypnosis. During one scene, he traps Pippin and Merry … but fortunately, Sam comes to the rescue. This is another scene for book readers only!


I am the oldest (mortal) entity in all of Middle-earth and I’m the voice of the natural world. Who am I?

Treebeard is a walking, talking tree who gives voice to the natural world in Middle-Earth. He's a shepherd of the trees, and he's the oldest creature in the world.


I was the final Ruling Steward of Gondor. I was burned to a crisp on a funeral pyre of my own making. Who am I?

Denethor was a conflicted creature who couldn't let go of the apparent death of his son. He essentially commits suicide by fire as Sauron's forces invade.


I'm a big, black, scary spider and I devour creatures that dare to approach my lair. Who am I?

If you like nightmares, you'll love Shelob, the huge spider that makes her home near the pass of Cirith Ungol. She's captured and devoured countless creatures in her evil life.


Once Gandalf fell, I took leadership of the Fellowship. I led an attack on the Black Gate so that Frodo could destroy the Ring. Who am I?

Aragorn is one of the primary protagonists of the "Rings" stories. Without his heroics, the story may have taken a much darker turn.


I pretend to care for Theoden but actually do my best to serve Saruman. Who am I?

Grima Wormtongue is a betrayer. He purposely weakens Theoden to help Saruman's forces advance on Rohan at will.


I'm Boromir's younger brother and I eventually earn Eowyn's love. Who am I?

Faramir withstand's the Ring's temptations and then leads Gondor's army to glory. Along the way, he kisses Eowyn nicely.


I'm a powerful stallion who submits to only one rider -- Gandalf. Who am I?

Shadowfax is a legendary steed that's too proud and too powerful to accept just any rider. He allows only Gandalf to ride him.


I finally got my twisted hands on the One Ring but then fell into a pit of molten lava. Who am I?

After countless years of searching in vain, Gollum finally seizes the One Ring. But his victory is short-lived. He and the ring fall into a volcano, never to be seen again.


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