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Give a bunch of infantry troops some guns, send them to a battlefield with no leader, and they’ll undoubtedly fail in their missions. With a brilliant commander, though, those same men can overrun their enemies and accomplish every objective. Do you think you can beat this military leaders edition of “Who Am I”? Shine up your boots, put on all your medals and click the button!

Sure, we all know that George Washington made a name for himself fighting the Country That Shall Not Be Named. Do you really think you can match the man to his accomplishments? Not everything went as planned for the “Father” of America.

From ancient times to the 20th century, we’ll highlight some of the best — and most ruthless — military leaders ever. Some of them had the best of fortunes, others found their armies, and even their own personal lives, ruined by their battlefield shortcomings. Just as famous as the brilliant victories are the glorious defeats. If you're going to fail, fail big ... and hopefully future leaders will learn from your mistakes.

Pin five stars to your uniform and see if you’re a fake or a military mastermind. Take our “Who Am I: Military Leaders” quiz now!

I invaded Poland in 1939 and kicked off the biggest war in human history. Who am I?

With his slicked hair and beady little eyes, Adolf Hitler fit the bill as one of history’s evilest men. His 1939 invasion of Poland started WWII.


I was the Commanding General of Union forces during the Civil War. Who am I?

As the cataclysm of the Civil War consumed America, Ulysses Grant took control of some of the most important battles, and he won his Virginia Campaign, which helped to end the conflict.


I lost most of my battles but eventually brought the British Army to its knees in the New World. Who am I?

In 1775, George Washington took command of the Continental Army, tasked with bringing independence to the colonies. Washington’s legendary courage eventually led his men to a rousing victory over the redcoats.


During World War I, I was the Supreme Allied Commander. Who am I?

During the Great War, French General Ferdinand Foch became Supreme Allied Commander. He was known as a driven leader who was relentless in his efforts to beat back the Germans.


I was in charge of all U.S. forces in the European theater during World War II. Who am I?

During WWII, Eisenhower was Supreme Commander of Allied Expeditionary Forces that invaded and then liberated Europe from the Nazis. He was later elected president.


In the Civil War, I won many of my battles against bigger and better armed Union forces. Who am I?

Robert E. Lee was a masterful tactician in the Civil War, unafraid to take on armies bigger than his own. He won most of his battles, but a defeat at Gettysburg left the Confederacy on the ropes.


I was a Greek leader who built a gigantic empire in Asia and North Africa. Who am I?

Although his reign started in 336 BC, Alexander the Great is still noted as one of the most dominant military leaders ever. He used his armies to build an immense empire that was eventually destroyed by civil wars.


In 1066, I launched the Norman invasion of England. Who am I?

William the Conqueror was a Norman commander who rose to lead Normandy in the early 11th century. Then, he set out to invade England, an effort that was ultimately successful.


I was known as the "Desert Fox" in WWII, renowned for my tank tactics and strategies. Who am I?

Erwin Rommel made himself a hero in WWI, and in WWII he created an amazing sequel. The "Desert Fox" confounded Allied forces in North Africa and became a legend of the war.


For more than two decades, I battled U.S. forces in the deserts of the American Southwest. Who am I?

Geronimo was an Apache war commander who used guerrilla tactics to battle the U.S. Army for 25 years in the Southwest. In 1886, he was finally captured for good.


In the Civil War, I led a "March to the Sea" in which I practiced scorched-earth warfare. Who am I?

In late 1864, Union General William T. Sherman pushed through Georgia to the coast, destroying everything in his path. His strategy was brutal ... and effective.


I was virtually the ruler of all of Europe, and then I met my Waterloo. Who am I?

In the early 19th century, Napoleon’s military prowess made him Emperor of France and one of the most powerful men on the planet. Then, at the Battle of Waterloo, his men were defeated, and Napoleon wound up in exile.


In the 14th century, I fought for Scottish independence from England and wound up drawn and quartered. Who am I?

William Wallace was a Scottish knight who battled against the English for Scottish independence. He was captured and executed (in the worst way possible) in 1305.


I started the Mongol invasions that captured much of Eurasia in the 12th and 13th centuries. Who am I?

Genghis Khan was a Mongolian ruler who set out to conquer the world, and he mostly succeeded in his goals. His men killed off many villages and towns as they laid waste to civilizations across Asia.


I was a French hero in both World Wars and then became president of France. Who am I?

Charles de Gaulle was a POW in WWI and then served with distinction in WWII. He was a war hero who ascended to a well-regarded presidency.


I was an Argentinian Marxist who had a major role in the Cuban Revolution. Who am I?

Che Guevara, or just "Che," was a Marxist revolutionary who fought to improve life in Latin America in the 20th century. In 1967, at age 39, he was executed by firing squad.


I was the corncob pipe-smoking American general in the Pacific theater during WWII. Who am I?

The Japanese drove MacArthur out of the Philippines in 1941, but he swore he’d be back. In the end, the spotlight-loving MacArthur made good on his promise.


I used 600 Spanish conquistadors to take down an Aztec Empire numbering in the millions. Who am I?

In the early 1500s, Hernando Cortez landed in the Aztec Empire with just a few hundred men. His political manipulations allowed him to rot the Empire from within.


I was an American hothead who rescued stranded Allies at the Battle of the Bulge. Who am I?

As the WWII Battle of the Bulge raged, American troops were stranded by winter weather and German foes. Patton, ever the madman, drove his men to the scene and they drove back the Nazis, putting an end to the final German offensive of the war.


I was known as the "Iron Duke." Who am I?

“Iron Duke" Arthur Wellington made Napoleon’s life hell. He frustrated the French in Spain and then helped beat them for good at the Battle of Waterloo.


My men captured Berlin and put an end to the Nazi menace once and for all. Who am I?

Georgi Zhukov was a vital Soviet commander in WWII, one who led the defenses during Nazi offensives. Then, he took the fight to the Germans ... and blasted his way to Berlin.


I led the firebombing of Japanese cities in WWII, and my planes dropped two atomic bombs. Who am I?

Curtis LeMay was a general in the U.S. Air Force during WWII and created methods of systematically demolishing Japanese cities from the air. His planes also dropped the only two atomic weapons ever used in war.


I endured a terrible winter at a place called Valley Forge and emerged with an even stronger army. Who am I?

In the winter of 1777-78, George Washington hunkered down at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania with a dying army. But emergency measures and new training built a better military that gave the British fits.


I orchestrated a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in WWII. Who am I?

Yamamoto was a whipsmart Japanese commander who plotted the Pearl Harbor attack. His personal plane was pinpointed by U.S. intelligence and shot down later in the war.


I was Robert E. Lee’s most trusted officer during the Civil War and I fought brilliantly before being shot by my own men. Who am I?

Stonewall Jackson was a Confederate general during the Civil War who earned a reputation for battlefield smarts. He was shot by his own men and died a week later, partly from complications due to pneumonia and partly from, you know, having his arm sawed off.


My tactics at the Battle of la Drang in Vietnam became a template for U.S. troops during the rest of the conflict. Who am I?

At the Battle of la Drang, American troops were stranded. Harold G. "Hal" Moore’s incredible command of the situation helped influence strategies for the rest of the war.


During WWI, I insisted that American forces fight as individual units instead of being absorbed into other Allied forces. Who am I?

John J. Pershing was the commander of the American forces sent to WWI. The British and French wanted to put American troops to use as they saw fit — Pershing said, "No, thanks," we have our own way of doing things.


During WWII, I initiated a huge buildup of American forces and was called an "organizer of victory." Who am I?

At the outset of WWII, America had a small, outdated fighting force. In stepped George Marshall, who revolutionized the military and helped the Allies win the war.


I took control of U.N. forces during the Korean War and helped beat back major Chinese offensives. Who am I?

Matthew B. Ridgway was a WWII hero who was told to turn things around during the Korean War. He’s often spotlighted as the man who helped flip the conflict in favor of the U.N.


I was a Chinese revolutionary who helped found the Communist Party, and I’m often regarded as the man who killed many of his own people. Who am I?

Mao Zedong was a revolutionary who saw Communism as the savior of China. He helped build a controlling government that pushed for modernity at the cost of millions of civilian lives.


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