Who Is Your Emo Husband?

Alex Wittman

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Remember all those feelings you used to have back in the 2000s? Sure, maybe it had something to do with all those teenage hormones coursing through your adolescent body. But we think the emo music that filled up your iPod was also a major contributing factor. Just think back to all those nights you stayed up writing about your crush while listening to a mixed CD of all the best '00s emo bands. My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Death Cab For Cutie or Panic! at the Disco. Is nostalgia setting in yet?

Just like you'll never forget the lyrics to Fall Out Boy's "Sugar, We're Goin Down," you'll always remember the *insert fire emoji* front men of your favorite emo bands. From their carefully straightened hair to the studded belts holding up their black jeans, those guys put the HOT in Hot Topic. 

But more important than their looks, their songs gave you the words to express how you were feeling. We're not ashamed to admit more than a few of our AIM away messages came from My Chemical Romance's "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge" album. Gerard Way knew we were not okay. 

We know you'd trade your favorite pair of Chuck Taylors to see your beloved emo men take the Warped Tour stage again. But since their (and your), mosh pit and crowd surfing days are over, you'll have to settle for our quiz. Let's turn back the hands of time and answer the most important question of the 2000s: who is your emo husband? 

Throwing it way back, who did you go to your first concert with?

When you attend a show, where do you usually post up to watch?

In your opinion, which essential emo look is your favorite for a guy?

In the 2000s, what was your primary way of listening to your emo jams?

At the height of your emo phase, which band could you not get enough of?

Thinking about your dating history, which of the following characteristics is most important to you?

If you were writing a dating profile, which of the following would you include?

Imagine you're planning your emo wedding to your emo husband. What detail must it include?

Awww, so sweet! How could your emo husband best display his affection to you?

Remember AOL Instant Messenger? Which of the following lyrics would you have totally put as your away message?

When you were growing up, where did you and your friends like to hang out?

As a teenager, what were you most likely to stay up at night thinking about?

Which of the following words best describes you?

Aside from black (obviously), which of the following colors is more present in your wardrobe?

Emo girls! Whose 2000s style did you love?

When you were a teenager, what kind of emo boy could you not resist?

Which season makes you feel the most emo(tional)?

At a concert, which of the following do you always do?

If you were in a band, what would your role be?

What's your favorite emo fashion statement?

If you could go back in time and dye your hair one of the following colors, which would it be?

Which of the following books resonated the most with your angsty teenage heart?

You and your emo husband are planning your honeymoon. Were would you like to go?

Imagine you and your emo husband are taking up a hobby together. Which of the following most interests you?

If you were to start your own emo band, which of the following names might you consider?

Once you and your emo husband are married, where will you two settle down?

If your emo husband wasn't a singer, what do you think his career would be?

Festival vibes! Which of the following is your favorite music festival?

How do you imagine you and your emo husband spending date night?

If you could go back and give your teenage self advice, which of the following might you say?

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