Who Were You at Band Camp?

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Camps are the American institution when you think about it. When we were young, that's what we thought of when it was time to hang up the backpack and enjoy fun in the sun, cabins, and sports. But did you know that band camp was especially interesting? 

Think about it: watch "American Pie" again, and it'll become clear to you. Those band members with their "instruments" definitely had hidden tendencies and wanting to break out and just have FUN! They just couldn't. They were "disciplined." They were so focused on the arts when really all they wanted to do was party.

Needless to say, band camp remains one of the coolest adventures on the planet. It even beats adventure camp, and if you have never been a part of band camp, you should find some way to make it happen. If by chance you've been in band camp, you might have to really think on the kind of cool cat you were with the instrument you played. Thankfully we have this quiz you can take! Let's see just how accurate we are in determining not only what kind of kid you were in the cabin, but also what instrument you really were fond of playing!

What was the wildest prank you played in school?

What was your favorite subject in school?

How many times were you asked out to prom?

You were at camp, and you had an opportunity to go on the rope course. Did you? And why?

Which Harry Potter character do you identify with the most?

What sport do you usually play in school?

What was your nickname in school?

If you had to be one student in Professor X's school, which student would you be?

Which class did you hate the most?

How many times did you write your parents while at camp?

Which camp would your parents most likely send you to besides band camp?

You have an opportunity to be a camp counselor. Would you do it?

What was your favorite food to eat during lunchtime?

You just got in trouble with one of the camp counselors. What's your punishment?

How often did you get detention each year?

What's your favorite season of the year?

You brought comic books to camp. Which ones?

What kind of scary stories do you tell in the dark of your cabin?

When you see a campfire, what's the first thing you think about?

How often did you take showers during camp?

What would have been the best band camp name ever?

Which character from "Wet Hot American Summer" is your favorite?

When did you have your first kiss?

Your school has the classic Halloween dance. What are you dressing up as?

You have an essay to write for your English class, and you have freedom to choose whatever topic you want. Which topic do you choose?

Can you guess what "Ugly Prom" is?

What was the mascot of your high school?

Which book did you identify with the most during English class?

How many rivals did you have in band camp?

Which movie about camp did you identify with the most?

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