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In recent years, wild hog populations have exploded in the United States, often much to the chagrin of both farmers and ranchers. That's why these big, tough creatures are now common hunting targets. How much do you know about wild hog hunting?

Wild hogs are found mostly in which part of the country?

Wild hog populations are strongest in the Gulf States, such as Texas and Florida. In some places, they are a genuine public nuisance.


In North America, what's another name for wild hogs?

They are often called razorbacks. This term is often used for wild hogs that descended partly from domesticated pigs.


Many hunters use dogs to hunt wild hogs.

Many hunters rely on dogs to corner and sometimes even pin down wild hogs. The speed of four-legged companions helps to cut off hog escape routes.


How should humans approach hog hunting?

Wild hogs can be both big and aggressive. They can and do attack humans, and they can cause serious bodily harm. Each year, there are typically a few fatalities attributed to hog-related misadventures.


What's one of the best signs you can use to track a wild hog?

In places where hogs are common, the tell-tale signs of hog rooting are hard to miss. You can use the upturned dirt and maimed plants to figure out where the hogs might be hiding.


Wild hogs are extremely destructive. What do they do?

Pigs scrounge for food by digging at the dirt and rooting up plants with their snouts. Their insatiable appetites mean that just a few hogs can tear up huge swaths of agricultural land in just days.


Hunters are often successful when they attempt to call wild hogs.

Hogs often respond aggressively to calls. They'll charge through even heavy cover to see what the commotion is all about.


Wild hogs respond best to which kind of call?

A hog distress call is often your best bet. Unless they're busy heading towards a specific destination, hogs will typically race towards a distress call, especially if you can mimic the shrieks of a young piglet.


What's a popular rifle for hog hunting?

Many hunters opt for .25 or .30 caliber rifles to hunt hogs, giving them substantial stopping power to drop large animals.


Wild hogs are known for which characteristic?

Hogs are aggressive animals that demand respect from all other creatures, including humans. Like bears, they are especially mean if you threaten their piglets.


Hog tracks are reminiscent of the tracks of which other animals?

Hog tracks look a lot like deer tracks, but typically they are rounder and wider than those of a deer. Tracks are another good way to find groups of hogs.


In areas where hunting pressure is common, hogs typically feed when?

Hogs have naturally responded to hunting pressure by developing new habits. Many of them, particularly in hard-hunted areas, tend to feed at night in effort to avoid hunters.


Where should you be if you decide to call in hogs using a piglet's distress call?

When it comes to protecting their young, hogs are notoriously aggressive. If you draw them in using piglet distress calls, you may very well want to be in a tree stand, where you can remain out of harm's way.


Wild hogs have no natural predators.

Large predators, such as mountain lions and wolves, love bacon just as much as humans. They'll often prey on young or juvenile hogs. But once hogs are more than 20 pounds or so, they are a tough meal for most North American predators.


Adult male hogs can grow to about what size?

Some very large males can tip the scales at around 300 pounds. Some rare (and often unconfirmed) reports share news of hogs that push 500 pounds, but some of these are outright fabrications.


Since 1990, what has happened to the American population of wild hogs?

The population of hogs in the U.S. has tripled since 1990. There are about 2.5 million hogs in Texas alone.


How good is a wild hog's eyesight?

Hogs have poor eyesight, meaning they'll struggle to see you if you wear camouflage. Their hearing isn't very good, either.


All Gulf Coast states allow year-round hog hunting on public land.

It's true that Gulf Coast states are pretty liberal when it comes to hog hunting, but on public land, there are typically limited seasons. On private land, however, some states allow hunting all year long.


Which U.S. state has the biggest population of wild hogs?

Texas has well over 2 million of the hogs running wild through its sprawling lands. Hog hunting is a popular pastime in the Lone Star state.


There are so many hogs in Texas that hunters have to kill what percentage of the animals each year just to maintain ecological stability?

Hunters kill and trap nearly 70 percent of the Texas population just to keep it sort of under control. Without aggressive hunting, the hogs would probably invade Dallas and take up residence in posh townhomes.


How does wild hog intelligence compare to that of other animals?

Hogs are cunning, and their high intelligence, combined with their phenomenal sense of smell, can make them very hard targets.


How do hogs typically behave?

In most cases, hogs are creatures of habit, using the same paths and bedding locations. But disruptions from humans can quickly cause hogs to change their routines.


Wild hogs will eat just about anything.

The hog diet is mostly made up of vegetation, but they'll eat anything, from small animals to large carcasses, including bones. So if you need to dispose of a dead body, well, there you go.


In warm areas, how many litters do females average per year?

In places like Texas, females may average 1.5 litters per year, with about 5 piglets in each litter. Females can begin reproducing at just six months old, a fact that contributes to their fast population growth.


Wild hogs often weigh hundreds of pounds. How fast can they run?

At top speed, they can hit a blazing 30 mph, far faster than any human. It's one reason you should avoid angering these large animals.


Hogs are particularly drawn to baits that have which smell?

Hogs love pungent smells, especially those that are associated with berries. Many commercial hog baits, then, use flavoring such as strawberries.


Large male hogs often travel alone.

If you want a true trophy, you'll be hunting large male hogs. Those hogs spend much of their time traveling alone.


In early 2017, Texas approved what tool to control wild hogs?

Texas legislators approved a poisonous bait containing warfarin, which is proven to kill hogs. The poison is banned in Australia because it causes extreme suffering in the animals that consume it.


How can you tell if you've found a place where wild hogs wallow?

Wild hogs are not known for their social niceties. They defecate and urinate in their wallowing pools, and you'll smell the evidence.


How do hogs stand up to hunters' bullets?

Hogs are incredibly tough. They can absorb multiple (poorly-aimed) shots before succumbing to the effects of lead. If you don't want to spend hours chasing a wounded hog, make sure your aim is true.


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