Will He Be a Good Boyfriend?

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Okay, so you think maybe this guy is the one. The only problem is, you've felt that way before, and you sure were wrong. How can you tell if you're right this time? Sure, you can just rely on your intuition, but that isn't safe at all. Maybe you two have a lot of physical chemistry in the bedroom but is that a reason that he would be a good boyfriend, or is it something that just obscures all the negative things about him? 

And what about his personality? Sure, he is saying all the right things now, but will he keep doing that down the road, once you two are together for real? Is he always honest with you? Does he listen to you? Does he respect you, does he get along with all of your friends, and what about your family?

It is so hard to figure out whether someone will be a good boyfriend or not, and the fact that things are so fresh and new make it even harder to tell. We think that we have come up with some questions that will let you know if you're getting close to a hero, or a zero. Take this quiz, and we'll give you the dirt on what might be your new boyfriend.

Have you ever caught him in a lie?

Does he try to impress you?

Does he let you use his phone?

What happens when you call him?

Is he jealous?

Does your best friend like him?

Does he ever blow you off when you have plans?

Do you have a lot in common?

Has ever cheated on anyone before?

How many serious relationships has he been in?

Do you ever feel manipulated?

Does he have a stable job, or is he in school?

How is he set up financially?

Does he get along with his family?

Does he ever yell at you?

Does he send you nice emails or give you cards, just because?

Do you have similar political beliefs?

Do you like the same movies or TV shows?

Do you want him to meet your family?

Does he make you laugh?

How much does he party?

Where was the last place he took you?

Have you talked about going on a vacation?

How soon did you sleep together?

Do you feel like yourself with him?

Do you feel like he respects you?

Does he look at other women in front of you?

Does he make fun of you?

Who texts first in the morning?

How many good friends does he have?

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