Will She Be Your First Girlfriend?

Daniel Yetman

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When it comes to love, nobody is an expert. Even relationship gurus often have trouble managing their own relationships. The problem is, once we fall for somebody, we get a rush of chemicals in our brain that makes it hard to think clearly. Even if you're the most logical person in the world, once you fall in love, you can bet that it won't be long before you're staring at the stars and writing sonnets. 

Sometimes the lines between friends, dating and being in a relationship are blurry. How do you know if you're in an exclusive situation with somebody? Unless the two of you have communicated that you're not seeing other people, it's safer to assume that you're not. There's no worse feeling than thinking that you're only seeing each other and then realizing that it's only true from your end. 

So, you've met somebody who makes you nervous, somebody that you like even more than playing games on your smartphone. Is she going to be your first girlfriend? We don't know for sure, but we can ask you questions that may help you answer that for yourself. We've assembled 30 questions to find out if you two have what it takes to make the leap. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started to see if she's the one for you!

Do you share any inside jokes?

How do you feel when you're around her?

Do you ever do activities alone with her?

Does she know that you like her?

Have you met her family?

Do you live in the same town/city?

Do you think she's looking for a relationship right now?

Do you have the same hobbies?

Which of these best describes why you like her?

When you're talking to her, do you focus on her, or does your attention go elsewhere?

Are you content with your life at the moment?

Does she fit into your life, or are you constantly canceling plans to be with her?

Do your friends like her?

If you weren't attracted to her, would she still be somebody you'd want to be friends with?

How do you feel when she has success in her life?

Do you often find yourself absentmindedly thinking about her?

Is she the first person you message when you have exciting news?

After you spend time with her, you usually feel...

Have you ever shared an intimate moment with her (kissed, held hands, etc.)?

Can you picture her being in your life long-term?

Does she make you want to better yourself?

Does she ever open up to you about things going on in her life?

How is her sense of humor?

Does she treat you respectfully?

Is she seeing anybody else?

When was her last relationship?

What do you think your parents would think of her?

If you were dating, would do you think would happen if you had to spend two months apart?

When the two of you are in a group, does she give you more attention than she does to other people?

Do you want to make her your girlfriend?

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