Will You Find Love?

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According to some, true love is harder to find than the fabled golden city of El Dorado. Although the feeling is totally worth it, it's the journey taken to find it that can suck. Not to sound cliche, but you may need to kiss many, many frogs to find your prince or princess, and it's a task that can leave many questioning whether they'll truly find love, or not. And that's why we're here today.

There are many different kinds of love, or should we say relationships. The kind of love that most of us are looking for is the kind that is unselfish, the kind that puts your first, the kind that loves unconditionally and the kind that does not break your heart. And if you're one of those people who've experienced lots of heartbreak, we understand why you may want to take a quiz like this. 

So, we'll ask you about your past relationships and what you need in your life right now. By the end, we'll let you know if you're in a place where you're open and ready to accept love. Do we have a deal?

How many times have you been in love?

How long did it last?

How did it end?

What's the single you like?

What do you do on the weekends?

Where or how do you meet people?

What do you do when you meet someone you like?

Who usually makes the first step?

How excited do you feel when going on a date with someone new?

But is there anything that you're nervous about?

Which of these dates sounds most like you?

Do you kiss on the first date?

What makes you want to kiss someone?

How long after the date do you contact that person?

After how many dates should things become official?

And when do you usually feel comfortable enough to sleep with someone?

How important is sex in a relationship?

What kind of lover are you?

Are you a patient person?

Have you ever tolerated something you shouldn't have?

What's the worst thing a partner has ever done to you?

How did you deal with it?

How difficult is it for you to start over?

Has heartbreak made you a bit skeptical?

What makes you fall for a person?

Is it a feeling you enjoy?

What scares you about love?

Are you actively searching for love?

How many frogs have you kissed so far?

Do you honestly think you'll find it?

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