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Wind Cave National Park is a wonder of nature, with vast and beautiful caves that extend for miles on end. Covered by grasslands, what lurks beneath the surface is the true gem of this national park. Take this quiz and learn more about this American treasure.

Where is Wind Cave National Park located?

Wind Cave National Park is in South Dakota, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) from Rapid City.


What can you find in Wind Cave National Park?

The park has elaborate caves and 28,00 acres of grasslands and forests.


What kind of wildlife will you see in the park?

Enjoy watching the prairie dogs, elk, buffalo, deer, and antelope in this national park.


What type of accommodation is available at Wind Cave National Park?

The Elk Mountain Campground is the only accommodation in the park. It's open year round.


The caves in Wind Cave National Park consist of:

The vast labyrinth of caves in this national park are primarily made out of limestone. These caves are more than 60 million years old.


The caves in the Wind Cave National Park are up to:

The vast caves in this park go far below ground, much further than most other natural caves. At one point, the caves reach depths of 600 feet (183 meters).


The caves in Wind Cave National Park are:

The winds that blow in and out of these caves keep it drier than most other caves in the region.


The caves feel like:

The caves in the Wind Cave National Park seem like they are breathing. The caves have strong wind currents that blow air in and out.


Where can you find water in the caves of the park?

Water from the surface seeps through the limestone walls of these caves, creating multicolored encrustations.


The intricate shapes of the limestone walls in the caves are called:

One type of wall formation in these caves resembles popcorn, while another type of formation looks like frostwork. These formations look like artwork on the walls.


The boxwork cave wall formation is made out of:

The boxwork formation on the cave walls in made out of calcium. It looks like protruding coral of various shapes and sizes.


Where can you find boxwork formations in the caves?

You can find boxwork formations throughout the caves, but the best examples are in the Post Office, Perly Gates, and Temple chambers.


How long is the cave system in the Wind Cave National Park?

The Wind Caves are vast and elaborate, stretching for 80 miles (129 kilometers) with fragile crystal formations.


What is the Garden of Eden at Wind Cave National Park?

If you only have a short amount of time, consider taking a tour of the Garden of Eden at the park. It's a one hour cave hike where you'll get to see many of the cave's marvels.


Where is the Post Office chamber in the caves located?

The Post Office chamber is the first large room soon after the cave entrance. You'll find a ceiling covered in boxwork here.


What will you see at the East Bison Flats?

Once you get to the East Bison Flats, you'll see a panoramic view of the Wind Cave National Park, Buffalo Gap, and the Black Hills.


What would you find in South Dakota 350 million years ago?

Approximately 350 million years ago, South Dakota was located close to the equator and was covered in water.


What bird can you find in the grassland of South Dakota?

The grasslands of South Dakota is home to wild turkeys, falcons, prairie birds, and meadowlarks.


When were the caves in Wind Cave National Park first discovered?

Jesse and Tom Bingman discovered the caves in 1881. They were chasing a deer and stumbled upon the caves.


How were the caves created over the millennia?

Over millions of years, water seeped through underground cracks, eroding the rock, and creating the caves that exist today.


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