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Windows can be so much more that just a way to see the outside. When decorated tastefully they can add charm and character to your home. Take our quiz and learn some interesting ways to dress up your windows.

Which of these statements best defines a stackback?

A stackback is the width of a panel of window drapes when fully retracted.


Why do you need to know the stackback of a window drape?

You need to know this width so that you don't buy a panel that covers your window even when it's pulled back.


Which of these statements best describes a traverse rod?

A traverse rod is a rod that allows you to pull back a drape panel by way of a cord.


What sort of feel do traditional drapes promote?

Traditional drapes tend have a very formal and dramatic feel. There are, however, some modern styles that have different qualities.


Traditionally, how long should drapes be?

Drapes are traditionally floor length. That is, they hang from the rod at the top of the window all the way down to the floor.


When you think of drapes you think of which of these fabric styles?

Drapes tend to pleated and lined, which means they are relatively thick and heavy.


How do curtains differ from drapes?

Curtains are not lined, which means they are usually a lot thinner and lighter than drapes.


What sort of feel do curtains give to a room?

Since they are thinner and lighter, curtains tend to have a more casual style about them.


What is the function of a rod pocket?

The rod pocket is a fold of cloth at the ends of a curtain, into which you slide a curtain rod.


How should you secure curtains for doors?

If you use only a rod at the top of a door curtain, it will swing every time the door is opened or closed. Run a rod through the bottom rod pocket as well, to secure the curtain.


What are café curtains?

Café curtains were designed to allow light into a room, but only from the top of the window. That way the people sitting in the room aren't bothered by the sunlight.


How do blinds differ from shades, curtains, and drapes?

Blinds are designed to filter light, while maintaining a view of the outside. The strips of the blinds can be angled to increase or reduce the amount of light that enters the room, but you will still be able to see outward.


Where should you go to have your shades cut to size?

Most local hardware stores can cut your shades to specification.


Which of these is an example of a material used for making blinds?

Blinds are usually made from wood, vinyl or metal. This differs from shades, which are usually made of fabric.


What is the special feature of Roman shades?

Roman shades are designed to fold upward as you pull on their cord.


Why should you avoid using wooden blinds in your kitchens and bathrooms?

Heat and moisture can cause wooden blinds to warp. You're better off not using wooden blinds where you cook, bathe or do laundry.


Which of these materials can you use to dye your curtains?

Mix some grape juice concentrate with warm water and salt to produce an easy-to-make dye. The more grape juice you use, the darker the cloth will end up.


How might you pretty up your windows from the outside?

By painting your outdoor window trim you can add a touch of class for all to see.


Which of these projects should you leave to the professionals?

Don't risk your safety trying to paint upper-floor windows. Leave that sort of work to the people that have the right equipment and training.


Which of these technological advancements brings a sense of the modern era to your window treatments?

These days you can find solar sensitive shades and shades with remote control systems. Why do it by hand if you don't have to?


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