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Insulating your home's windows may save you a bundle on your utility bills. Whether you need to warm up or cool down your home, window insulation may be a good idea. Take this quiz to see how much you know about how to insulate windows.

How much heat loss may be caused by insufficient window insulation?

In some U.S. climates, the estimate for cold weather heat loss from insufficient window insulation is anywhere from 15 to 35 percent.


In the Sun Belt, what is the concern for windows insulation?

In hot climates, windows are a source for unwanted heat in the home.


What is a very low budget method of window insulation?

Bubble wrap is about as low as you can go.


If a draft comes from window sills or sashes, what may be an easy solution?

Apply weather-stripping to windows with leaky sills or sashes. This is an easy do-it-yourself job and weather-stripping is available at most hardware stores.


What installation material is needed to put up insulating bubble wrap?

Spray the window with water and put up the bubble wrap, bubbles go towards the glass.


What appliance is needed for the last step in installing plastic insulating film?

Use a hair dryer to tighten and seal the film.


How can you get thermal shades without spending too much money?

Commercial thermal shades may be expensive, so make them yourself and save a bundle.


What makes thermal drapes most effective?

It is not the material but the seal with the window. Leave as little space as possible between the drape and the window frame, windowsill or floor.


To insulate at the window sash, what must you remove?

To insulate the window sash, remove the molding around the window frame and insulate the space between the window jamb and the wall.


What percentage of homes have single-pane windows?

About 50 percent of U.S. homes may have single-pane windows.


How many ways may heat be lost through the windows?

There are four ways to lose heat through the windows: infiltration (air leaks), conduction (heat passes through the window), radiation (heat flows from warm areas to cold areas) and convection (cool air at the window pane flows to the floor, sucking hot air from the room to the window and cooling it).


What is infiltration?

Heat is lost by infiltration when air leaks in or out of gaps along the edges of the windows.


What happens when heat passes through window glass?

Conduction occurs when heat passes through glass.


What may cause up to 65 percent of the heat loss in your home?

Radiation occurs when heat energy flows from a warm object to a cooler object, and may cause up to 65 percent of home's heat loss.


What type of window claims an R-value of 11?

A company claims that their fiberglass windows have an R-value of 11.


Most window treatment's primary purpose is:

Esthetic value is the reason for most home's window treatment choices.


Where are the window jambs?

The window jamb is where the window meets the wall, and may be hidden behind a molding.


What is an inexpensive window insulator?

Inexpensive options include rubber or foam weather stripping and plastic sheeting. Don't forget about bubble wrap!


Thermal shades may keep the heat in, but what do they keep out?

You may give up some daylight and view when you hang thermal window coverings.


How does the sun shining on the windows cause the air conditioner to work harder?

The sun shining on the windows may increase the room's ambient temperature, and the air conditioner will need to run more.


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