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Window treatment ideas can be confusing, because there are just so many choices. Take this quiz and find out how much you know about window treatment ideas.

What is the function of window treatments?

Window treatments can beautify a home and function as a privacy barrier and a way to control the amount of light exposure.


What type of window treatment may be useful in cold climates?

Thermal window treatments may prevent cold air from getting inside your home. In the summer months, thermal window treatments may also help keep the sun and heat out of your home.


For architecturally grand windows, what type of window treatments may look best?

If your windows have great beauty, do not hide them behind window treatments. But if you must have some cover, use understated window treatments.


How do you choose a window treatment style?

Blend together the style of the treatment with the room's decor.


In a bright and bold room, what color window treatments may look best?

If your room is bright and bold, a favored choice may be a more subtle color for the window treatments.


For a plain room, what type of window treatments may look best?

If your room is rather plain, patterned window treatments may add some visual variation to the room.


What window treatments may add texture to the décor?

To an otherwise plain room, wood blinds or shades may add texture and warmth.


What color window treatments may suggest tranquility?

Sand or crème colors should suggest tranquility.


What type of valance looks puffy?

Balloon valances are constructed to puff out like a balloon.


What type of shades filter out the sun but expose the view?

Translucent shades filter the sun without hiding the view.


For what window problem should blinds provide a solution?

Blinds should be effective for providing privacy and controlling light.


What room décor style will work with horseshoe-shaped curtain tie-backs?

Lodge style décor is a mix of turn-of-the-century Adirondack camps with Southwest style, and should look great with horseshoe tie-backs.


What is the best treatment for irregularly spaced windows?

Drapes would draw too much attention to irregularly spaced windows. The use of color matched window shades may help window spacing issues to disappear.


What style window treatment should be best for traditional décor which includes an antique secretary?

Mixing different styles is discouraged, so you should select a traditional style window treatment such as fringed drapery.


Why do drapery manufactures sometimes put small weights in drape hems?

To get the right hang, draperies may have weights inserted into the hems.


What are Palladian windows?

Palladian windows are arched windows. These windows require very special window treatments and some homeowners simply leave them bare.


What window treatment is often used to draw attention to a window?

A valance may be an attention getter. A valance is a short window treatment designed to be decorative and hide window treatment hardware.


What are café curtains?

Café curtains are short fabric curtains that attach to a curtain rod. These curtains are common for kitchen windows.


If you love stenciling around a window, how can you get this look without hiring an artist?

You can buy a stencil pattern and paint it yourself. Look for stencil kits in craft stores and home supply paint departments.


How can a window treatment camouflage a window's imperfections?

A window treatment can give the illusion of the shape you wish your window had. Use a floor-length drape to cover a short window and create the illusion of height.


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