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This window treatments quiz will test your knowledge of designing and installing window treatments. Test yourself with the window treatments quiz.

Is there a difference between curtains and draperies?

<p>The New York School of Interior Design says they are one in the same.</p>


Curtains cannot ...

<p>Plastic, paper or fabric roller shades are considered soft shades; they have no slats!</p>


Which is not considered a type of blind?

<p>Plastic, paper or fabric roller shades are considered soft shades -- they have no slats!</p>


Blinds aren't made of:

<p>There are no blinds made of glass.</p>


Which is not considered a soft shade?

<p>A cornice is a wooden valance, usually covered in fabric.</p>


Which is not considered a feature of soft shades?

<p>Soft shades do not offer a substantial reduction in room noise.</p>


Which is not a type of shutter?

<p>The 3/4" farmhouse shutter does not exist.</p>


Which is not true of shutters?

<p>The 2" plantation shutter is considered a popular choice among today's homeowners.</p>


Which can't be used as a valance or topper?

<p>Come on ... that was an easy one!</p>


Which is not an affordable way to dress up a window?

<p>Discount fabric, tablecloths and sheets are more affordable alternatives.</p>


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