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California's wine country features beautiful landscapes, picturesque rivers and some of the best wineries in the U.S. Sure, you could road trip it and hit a few wineries or stay at an inn near a vineyard, but there are more adventurous ways to check out wine country. Think you know all there is to know about wine country adventures? Find out with our quiz!

Fact or fiction: Only seasoned cyclists can handle a wine country bike tour. They're too strenuous for a novice.

There are wine country bike tours for any level of fitness. Just check with the company to find a tour that's a good fit for you.


Which wine country adventure usually concludes with a champagne toast?

While the hot air balloon deflates, which can take around an hour, most balloon tour companies offer a champagne toast and light snacks.


If you're NOT an early riser, what's the best wine country adventure for you?

While the ideal time to launch a hot air balloon is in the early morning when the air is cool, hang gliding tours tend to depart throughout the day.


Which of these animals can you ride on a wine country adventure tour?

You can take a horseback tour through wine country, but while llamas can sometimes accompany hikers or even cyclists on a tour, grown adults are too heavy to ride them. Instead, the llamas will haul things like food and drinks for tour participants.


If you're new to wine, what's the best type of wine country adventure for you?

Most wine train tours include a visit to the vineyard, where the vintner will talk a bit about the wine and give tips on tasting and sometimes even food pairings. Skydiving and bike rentals are fun ways to see the area, but they may not include wine education.


If drinking wine isn't your thing, which type of tour is best for you?

While bike tours and limo rides tend to hit wineries for tastings, a kayak trip lets you explore the beauty of wine country with less of a focus on vino.


For the sustainable wine enthusiast, what's the best way to explore wine country?

Several Sonoma County wineries offer grape camps, where you get to learn about wine, eat good food and take part in the fall grape harvest.


Which type of tour is ideal for parents traveling with kids?

Cooping the kids up on a train or in a limo for hours won't work with their short attention spans. Instead, opt for some of the more active tour options, like a bicycle tour. Some bike tour companies even offer family-friendly wine country tour packages.


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