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Many wineries are turning some of their plentiful acreage into spectacular gardens that expand a traveler's wine tour experience. How much do you know about wine country gardens? Take our quiz to find out!

When is the best time to visit wine country gardens?

Wherever it's possible, wineries prefer to keep their gardens inviting to visitors all year long, and they'll plant seasonal flora accordingly.


When can you can see tulips?

Tulips are fairly short-lived, so be sure to time your spring visit right. It's a good idea to call ahead to the winery you'll be visiting to see if tulips are in bloom.


In autumn, grapevines are bare of fruit, but what color are they?

Grapevines, with their brilliant fall colors, become gorgeous backdrops to wine country gardens.


Where can wine country gardens can be found?

Not all wineries have spectacular gardens, but those that do are found in a number of the nation's wine regions.


What do wine country gardens feature?

Many wine country gardens show off local flowers, and others have international showcases. Of course, some have both!


If you want to visit a wine country garden while grapevines are filled with grapes, when should you go?

After they bloom in spring and before the September harvest, grapevines are at their fullest, so a summer trip may be in order.


When are wine country gardens usually open?

At some wineries, you must make tour reservations to enjoy the gardens, and not all are open year-round.


Who is in charge of gardens in the wine country?

Some of the finest wine country gardens are at inns, some of which offer free shuttle service to nearby wineries.


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