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A wine tour can be a great addition to your travel plans. Consider stopping at a vineyard for a brief afternoon visit or take an extended tour of vineyards with a travel company for several days or even weeks. Wine tours include a variety of activities, including wine tasting. Take this quiz and learn more about wine tours.

What is typically included in a wine tour?

A typical wine tour includes tasting, a production tour and a vineyard tour. Typically a wine tour ends with wine tasting.


How long does a wine tour last?

You can go on a short and simple wine tour that lasts an afternoon. You can also go on a wine tour vacation that can last days or even weeks.


What mode of transportation can you use to tour vineyards?

Some people choose to tour vineyards in limousines, cars, vans, on a bike, or even in kayaks.


The leaves and grape skins are removed from the grape during wine processing. The leaves and grape skins are used for:

Grape leaves and skins are extracted and used for compost to help grow new grapevines.


How much does a typical wine tour cost?

Most wine tours are free of charge, but most wineries expect you to purchase some wine after the tour.


How do you arrange a wine tour?

If you arrange a wine tour on your own, the costs are very minimal. If you arrange a wine tour through a tour company, you may end up paying a sizable amount for your winery experience.


How much wine will you be able to sample during a wine tour?

Most wineries will let you sample between four and six types of wine, free of charge. Some wineries may even let you sample wines directly from the barrels.


What does the vineyard host explain during the wine tour?

While visiting the vineyards, your host will explain the different types of grapes that are grown. Back in the winery, your host will explain the wine making process.


Before you head off for a wine tour:

Not all wine tours include a meal or even snacks. Make sure you known where or how you'll be eating for the day. Too much wine, too much heat and not enough food can lead to disastrous consequences.


Where can you purchase wine at a vineyard?

Once your tour is over, you can take visit the gift shop and purchase bottles of wine.


Where in California can you visit wineries?

Both Sonoma and Napa valleys are famous for their vineyards. You can easily spend days touring these areas.


Besides California, where else can you go on a wine tour?

California is not the only place for wine tours. Check out vineyards in Michigan, Oregon, Lake Erie and Niagara.


Some wine tours also include:

Many well-known vineyards also have excellent golf courses. Spend a relaxing day by golfing in the morning and taking a wine tour in the afternoon.


What do you do at a wine boot camp?

If you think that traditional wine tours are too stuffy for your taste, try a wine boot camp. In a wine boot camp you'll get to harvest grapes and participate in the blending and fermentation processes.


During what time of year should you schedule your wine tour?

Schedule your wine tour for during the growing season. In North America, this would be between April and October.


What is the first thing you should do when given a wine sample?

Your host will start by giving you a wine sample and explaining the bouquet and taste of the wine. Next, lift the wine glass up to the light to notice its color.


A younger wine will _________ when titled to the rim of the wine glass.:

After you hold the glass up to the light, slightly tilt the glass. A younger wine will maintain a uniform color, whereas an older wine will become more translucent.


What does a prune smell signify when sniffing a wine?

A prune or vinegar smell when sniffing wine may indicate a bad aging process. A prune smell suggests that the wine has oxidized.


What type of smell indicates a quality wine?

Smells of flowers, oak, vanilla, coconut, or even toasted bread suggest you are about to drink a quality wine.


If you ask for a second sample of a particular wine, you will need to:

Proper etiquette dictates that if you request a second sample of a specific wine, you are required to purchase a bottle of that wine before leaving.


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