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Wingsuit flying is one of the most extreme of the extreme sports. Only skydivers with a great deal of experience can become wingsuit flyers. Take this quiz to learn more about soaring like a bird in your own wingsuit.

It's a flying squirrel, it's a snow angel, it's a:

The wingsuit looks like a cross between a flying squirrel and a snow angel.


How do wingsuit flyers achieve sufficient altitude for flying?

Wingsuit flyers must jump out of a plane or from a high precipice.


What must wingsuit flyers use to ensure a safe landing?

Wingsuit flyers must deploy a parachute in order to land.


What is the advantage of wingsuit flying over skydiving?

Wingsuit flyers can perform more aerial acrobatics, because they descend at a rate much slower than skydivers.


What pulls a flying object downward?

Weight pulls flying objects downward.


What affects horizontal movement?

Thrust propels and drag retards horizontal movement.


What creates thrust for birds?

The flapping of a bird's wings creates the thrust.


How much does a wingsuit cost?

A wingsuit costs around $1,200. Some cost much more.


Why do wingsuiters need a parachute to land?

The wingsuit cannot provide enough lift for a safe landing.


How many traditional skydive jumps are required to become a wingsuit flyer?

You must have completed 200 traditional skydive jumps with an instructor in the past 18 months.


Upon exiting the airplane, what stance does the wingsuit flyer assume?

Upon exiting the plane, the wingsuit flyer must curl up; once he starts falling he spreads arms and legs wide.


When was the first parachute jump from a plane?

The first jump in 1912 came only nine years after the Wright brothers' first successful flight.


Of the original 75 wingsuit-jumping pioneers, how many perished?

Between 1930 and 1961, 72 birdmen died while testing new winged designs.


Who has the record for the longest wingsuit flight?

Colombia's Jhonathan Florez holds the record at 9 minutes, 6 seconds, to the Guinness Book of Records.


When did wingsuits first become available for commercial use?

Wingsuits were brought on the market in 1998.


How long was the longest recorded wingsuit flight?

Jhonathan Florez holds this record too. On the same 2012 flight where he broke the record for longest wingsuit flight, he also set a record for greatest horizontal distance at 16.315 miles.


How do flyers slow descent and decrease forward movement?

To slow descent and forward movement, flyers must create as much surface area as possible to increase lift.


What wingsuit design advancement resulted in the United States Parachute Association lifting the ban on wingsuit flying?

The innovation of augmenting skydiving suits with webbed wing surfaces resulted in the UAPA lifting the ban.


What may large movements by wingsuit flyers cause?

Large movements by wingsuit flyers can cause a dive or spin.


What is an airfoil?

An airfoil is a surface, such as a wing, that can provide lift. In wingsuit flying, the whole body of the flyer becomes an airfoil.


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